Friday, August 13, 2004

What's This?

Kregers Is Leaving?? Kregers!...You can't do this to us! What's gonna happen to "A-Sexual Guy"? I've told people many times that you have the ..what's the word for this..uuummmm...The savoufaire! The comedic talent, characters, the great 60s San Francisco opening theme music...girls. Kregers you have the greatest women on the planet falling to get on your show!
And who else has the coolest dudes on? ...Who? No one other than you Kregers! Where else are we going to be able to see Jeff Goldblum?..Huh?..Answer that! And where are we going to be able to plop in a living room like yours in the scary nightime? These other guys (we know who they are) can't keep up the intensity of their shows for 30 years!.. Kregers?...You CAN! Where am I gonna get my news from Kregers? And those "Just In" reports that are so important and vital to the galaxy of my mind?! Kregers?...You're the person I've been touting as The Future of Late Night television! I've shown people how you will be able to sustain a 30 year run, unlike we know who they are! The real heir to Johnny Carson! ...YOU!
You say you want to write? What's that all about?!...Write when you're taking a dump! Or, while tooling up the Santa Ana Freeway record your prose and insights and most original concepts and THEN write them when taking a dump! I'm dyin' over here Kregers! Meet my leeetle friend...Oh wait...that's a movie...Kregers? Are ya pissed off yet coz I keep saying Kregers? AND spelling it wrong!
Mr. Craig Kilborn...Please Reconsider! I'm PLEADING to you! They say Howdy Doody is going to take your place? That's death kregers!...You want to kill us all?!! He may write but man I cringe when the writer is actually verbalizing in front of my eyes! OOOOooooo...I hate to think of it!
Mr. Kilborn? Take a step forward and think just one more time? God Bless Ya Man! And thank you for all of it!
Bill Bramble
PS: IF you do decide (I'm beggin' here Kregers) to stay on...Please stop bringing on those jumping up & down bands yelling or whining into the mike. I know the real music guys and gals are older. But their music is as young as ever. And I KNOW there's a few nebulae of young guys and gals out there playing music we can listen , feel, rock and roll and cry to!
I can hear "A-Sexual Icon" now...(disturbed, saddened)"I'm...I'm...I'm..."sniff'...What the hell AM I?"


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