Saturday, August 14, 2004

Things You Don't See

OK...I had an energy looking out for me last night on my way to work. I always keep in the right lane when driving. OK...I do have a bit of a led foot but I'm a great driver. I'm living proof, now, that you don't see things you don't expect to see. I pulled into the left hand lane to pass a car in front of me while heading north. Music rockin' and I'm cruising. Very alert. I linger in the left lane a bit until I see the car I passed in my mirror and I move back into the right lane. NOW...I was looking directly ahead as you usually do when driving OK? I saw nothing abnormal. I checked the mirror. Changed lanes (my window was down). I no sooner get in the right lane and I hear a WHOOOSH!! (Can ya hear that? Can you hear that thumping whooosh and rock of your car as another speeds by you?) and a slight rocking from my left. I look in the mirror and I couldn't believe there was a car that flew by me heading south in the northbound left lane!!! I was stunned. I was angry. I was blown away! It was my fortune that I wasn't one of these left lane huggers or today, at the speed that car was going, I'de be spread out like the scarecrow all over the place!
Have a good day all...And if ya can? keep to the right when driving.


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