Tuesday, September 06, 2005

NEW ORLEANS? fogetabouit

I'm just embarrased, very embarassed, of how and what the folks in New Orleans reacted (the folks who the world saw on TV) to the misfortune that fell over them.
RACISM?..."THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL US"?...And in a response to a reporter asking; "Who is in charge here?" a woman shouts "NOBODY!". As if the government or some local aid group ...or hell...maybe even God should be there to "TAKE CHARGE".
I don't know. I'm sure I don't want anyone of those people within miles of me if war, natural disaster or anything requiring one to use one's mind and resources to cope and, hopefully, get through the problem. Also, after 2 days to 3 days I saw and heard a man say "we're starving to death here". Hmmmm. Starving to death. YUP...Don't want any of 'em near me. I'll say it...I'm not even hearing, feeling or assisting the "give it to us, you put us here, you owe us lazy ass rantings of these folks any longer. And as for President Bush? I have my assesment of him firmly rooted, but I'm not going to use this outrageous, lazy-ass thing that occured in New Orleans against him. And SHAME ON ALL YOU MEDIA...,OVERSEAS too, who are going on about "slow to react" and "cares less about the problem" bashing you are currently using, you believe, to your own good.
BELIEVE ME....It is not being "good" to anyone!! It's just more damn embarassment for me to bare. That's all!


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