Saturday, August 14, 2004

Mistress? Another Media Hack Job!

Why is the media referring to Amber Frey as a "mistress"? And I can't believe Court TV has taken to this. Amber Frey is innocent as one can be of being a "mistress". I consider this a derogatory reference to her in published and aired coverage of the Scott Peterson trial. How would YOU feel? You're introduced to a person by a friend. The friend assures you the person is single. The person you are now dating assures you they're single. You're having a wonderful, positive change in your life. A seemingly marvelous companion and possible step parent to your child. Then life throws you one of the strangest and most horrible truths into your new found bliss. You find your fortune has come in the manner of evil incarnate. You never date again but co-operate with forces to reveal this evil via the airwaves only. And testify to the injustice perpertrated on you in the courts of justice. Amber Frey did not knowingly convort about town with a married man and act as his "mistress"! I see no expensive gifts, trips abroad or being given a place to live by Scott Peterson! No clandestine trysts then sending him back to his wife 'til the moon doth rise again! She was being lied to, scammed, and was victimised! Amber Frey is being UNFAIRLY portrayed! I do hope the press and over air media opt out of this need to "tag" Amber Frey.
OK...If the media wish to report this way let them refer to every witness in every trial as "Snitch".
For example..."The victim of a brutal robbery, Snitch Joe Doe, testified today in the trial of alleged thief Buck Naked". How's that? Going to swipe at Amber Frey? Better be sure to swipe every witness in every court case from this day on Media!
You talking heads and writers and editors are becoming more damaging to this country as time goes on. Freedom of the press? Reveal an undercover agent's name and don't feel compelled to reveal the source of information? I believe that's treasonous! That reporter and the editor who let it print put lives in jeopardy! Some may have lost their lives. I know many did a few years ago. But that was a spy who revealed the names. What's the difference here? You wont want to report that though.
I remember Walter Cronkite apologising once, on air, for reporting a story before he actually had the facts when the report was quickly unsubstanstiated. Sounding off the fastest is the new credo of the media. Facts don't matter.
I expect to see "witness Amber Frey today....". I hope to see it. I pray the media comes to some epiphanies in the future as to their conduct.
Good Day And Good Evening To You All.


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