Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I was going to write a mad-as-hell-I'm-not-gonna-take-it-anymore I'm sorta losing my mind post. BUT...I figure the e-mail I sent will suffice.

The SETUP; I ordered a cable to transfer info from computer trash to computer new-on-the-desk. It's cost ws $47.00. I received a cable that transferred info from a NOTEBOOK to a computer. I am not rich, by any means. But I threw it away. I didn't complain. I didn't ask for my money back. I told the dude what I wanted and I got the wrong sort of cable! The following IN FACT took place;

Hi DELL....
I have discovered the very DARK side of DELL, which I am in process of relating to the public, as to how DELl re-acts to someone not sending in forty seven dollars. Then, when a customer service rep (using the term very loosely) from India who has been trained quite well in english calls, I explain the situtation to her and advise her I am currently on-line making the payment now. (I pay on-line through my bank)
Well...she evidently didn't hear me and proceeded to demand my bank account number and other personal information. To which I replied that if "you" can't have your name and phone number shown on caller I.D. I am not giving you anything. I, again, told her of the mistake at the bank and , again, told her I was paying it as we spoke.
She went on about 15 dollar late fee. That I owed 62 dollars now.
I had to be very rude and hang up on this woman. But later , the next day, a man trained very well in english called and made similar demands. I asked if they kept records there. If they knew I had explained everything and the payment was already made?....All he wanted was my accouunt number etc, etc.
NOW....This is not counting the 30 to 40 calls I was getting with hang ups to figure out when I would most likely be home. I was very suprised when that woman did answer..(I had taken to yelling "Speak" when I answered. I had a special ring for DELL'S oh so wonderful customer service.
Then...after the man called again I advised him to STOP CALLING. I worked in collections once and know this means YOU CAN NOT CALL!!....You could be prosecuted by the law.
Then calls and hang ups started again...when, on a lovely Sunday morning, the man calls me again!!...I reached my threshhold of tolerating ignorance and yelled into the phone if he knew IT'S AGAINST THE LAW TO CALL SOMEONE ON A SUNDAY IN THE UNITED STATES customer service wise or collection wise.
Hang up calls ensued the next day.

To the money matter of this forty seven dollars....$47.00!!! Yes FORTY SEVEN DOLLARS..I was being hounded for after one payment (which would have been $47.00) was not made.
I had paid $62.00 that morning the woman was on the phone. It appeared it had been processed a week later and I deleted the DELL account from my payment schedule online at the bank. I looked the next day as to some other bills and saw the bank CANCELLED the payment. I also received a humane looking bill from DELL in the mail showing I didn't owe $62.00....but #57. something. Which I immediately paid.
Then...I get a call from a guy right here in the good old USA and I tear his ear off as to the anxiety, grief , frustration and just plain personal madness I am going through presently over this FORTY SEVEN dollars and advised him I HAD PAID IT and hung up. Yes...I was rude once again. More hang up calls ensued....
That was up to about the 14th of October. About 30 days of hang-up calls with 3 calls speaking to complete ignorant, tho well trained in english, "employee's" OUTSOURCED for DELL COMPUTER trying to tell them I PAID FORTY SEVEN DOLLARS...THEN SIXTY TWO DOLLARS and fiinally, when the HUMANE BILL from DELL came again FIFTY SEVEN SOMETHING!!!!

So...by the time you read this you should have your bloody money. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM DELL, ADVISE SOMEONE TO BUY DELL, EVEN MENTION DELL PRODUCTS AGAIN! I'm trying to figure a way to get rid of this DELL COMPUTER too.
A rosy image on television and in your e-mails. But I'm going to let the people see your underbelly DELL Computer!!
I am NOT A DEAD-BEAT! Check the info out. You know where.
To be treated as I was....harrased daily and nightly....for NO REASON other than a FORTY SEVEN DOLLAR LATE PAYMENT is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Especially when THE PAYMENT HAD BEEN MADE!!



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