Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Bill Dyckns

OK...I've been gone a long time. Anon...I will returm here to let out what just is going on with a few things here. After all that's happened I come back here (blogspot dot rag) and find all my photo's deleted saying it's FORBIDDEN and I am not allowed to have remote links. Remote links??? The photo's didn't link to any goddam thing! I had to upload them to a server I use for a space sight I have so I could have an "address" to able me to post them here...So, of course, part of that site's name is in the address but IT DIDN'T LINK TO ANYTHING REMOTE!.And the little sign says to "upgrade" my account. Are we paying a fee now to use blogspot?? OOPPS...It's the bloody Freeserver site I loaded the pics too. Second time they've done this! Sorry about that blogspot.
My dog, Abby, pictured here Abby-02.10.06a week before I had to kill her due to some goddam, freak-ass cancer growth growing in her throat, was cutting off her air supply. We were Best Friends for 12 years. We came togehter when she was about a year old. She walked with me without a leash. Communicated with me so clearly I expected, any day, to hear her verbalise...She knew every move I made and wjat it meant and I knew every move she made and what it meant.

I miss her terribly. Abby With Rose Abby was remembered by all the staff at Brenford Animal Hospital. They sent a rose. Then a day later a card came signed by all and Doctor Booth, who was most patient and compassionate as I rambled on speaking to Abby as she lay in my arms...gone from that beautiful, soft golden fur and golden eyes framed in a black circle...listening to me and commenting on the wonders that came to my mind of the beauty of the dog who was no more.

I really thought I would never find another dog close to her soul, let alone get another dog at all! Then, about 3 weeks later, after bursts of tears when realisation hit me of the hole in my life, I saw an ad for a Cocker Mix. Which Abby was. It was a puppy too. I have never raised a dog from puppydom...She's 5 weeks old (6 now I have to get her shots tomorrow). But I downloaded a book about training (Abby was a miracle, who actaully saved my life & was super trained & smart when we came together) a puppy. I purchased a "crate", new food, a few toys ( I was suprised I didn't throw everything away when I got home. But I let everything lay just where she left it.) and set about meeting, getting to know and raise this new friend in my life. I could tell she was of the right stuff when I saw her. As of now thisPepperis Pepper. She's Great!...

I really gotta go now...my music is down, my stuff is packed back in the room and only my guitar sits out now.....See ya soon. I got some hell to raise.


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