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The NFL took the Super Bowl away from the local fans for envirion's more conducive to a cleaner, less flawed and exciting game. Not all teams have domes so they opted for the balmy states with football teams. Great flawless game in FLA last night in a semi moonsoon-like drenching. And it drenched the whole flawless game! Give me the "frozen tundra" type games again.

Here I go; Ex sports guys as announcers at sporting events is driving me bonkers. At the start of the game Phil Simms states the reason for the early kickoff TD and multiple false starts is "to be expected. This IS the Super Bowl and you're nervous and it takes a little time to get the jitters out". Really?...These professional athletes, playing before large masses of people since they were big as a fire hydrant and playing many various chanmpionship games all their lives are nervous? Like kids going on stage in school for a play? Cut Me A Piece of That Sugar Bull Dung blather my dog is hungry! Uh...How about the reason being water was falling out of the sky in sheets, Along with the cats and dogs?

Then there was the missed extra point. They showed the replay right on the break mark and you could hear Phil Simms say "snap is good". This is what I saw; The camera angle was from behind and to the right for one thing. But It was clear the ball was high, to the right and the placer caught the ball near his right shoulder, having to turn a bit to the side to grab it. I say...Snap Was Bad.

Then, I forget the Chicago Special Teams player Phil Simms was referring to, but he caught a punt and got slammed on his left side, which arm he was carrying the ball in and It was a blind side hit, on target. Well, with the coating of water on the ball, hands, uniform and being replaced instantaneously by more water, the ball shot out of his arm like a cannon ball out of a barrel. Phil Simms says :"That's what happens when you're not used to carrying the ball". Blathering on about this "defensive" player who is ASSIGNED to special teams, yada, yada and has been all year.

Smile...yes SMILE...The best break arrived. David Letterman watching the game and panning back Oprah Winfrey is sitting with him on a couch, his arm around her and ..well ya had to see and hear it.

Then Shannon Sharpe is telling the studio boys how it's the "bad" Rex Grossman and he's setting Manning up for all these, I don't know what, but he said opportunities. Then back to the studio for some more logical commentary. And a reprise for Shannon Sharpe, in the same place, same "war correspondent" tone and manner of reporting and he said, almost, word for word the same thing he said in his "A" spot. sigh...

OK another SMILE. The best halftime show in Super Bowl history. Prince sounding better than ever, playing outrageous guitar, stalking the stage in all directions for the fans in and under the downpour belting out an "A" show! No tent or covering for Prince. He was delivering "A" show stuff drenched to the bone. His wireless hook up to the amp went out and Prince continued on! I thought the amber lighted, air blown curtain was a fantastic, original effect. A visual pleasure from both sides of the curtain too! One side he appears as a sillouette amid a fire-like effect and on the other Prince himself appearing as if in the middle of a flaming effect.

Back to the booth and Phill Simms is talking all doom and gloom and bad, bad Leroy Grossmann and kudo's, admiration for Peyton Manning. I was trying to call Nurse Ratched coz I was about to leave, my mind that is...Oh for John Madden and company.

Towards the end of the game, in the 4th quarter Phil Simms actually mentions how the rain hampers the quarterbacks A LITTLE. Then there's almost a call for 12 men on the field and Simms says "Yup...there's 11 men on the field he has to get off the field quicker". Can I get a job watching a game and babble on?

A shocker; Some one mentioned Tony Dungy is the third MAN ever to win a Super Bowl both as a player and a coach. I felt good.

As the game ended Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith met, as most coaches do at the end of a game, and shook hands and gave each other a hug. Like the heavens parting and all being revealed , I hear the announcer say, in a hushed tone, "There it is". These words being directed at the 2 coachs doing what they're doing. I really need more barf bags.

I first noticed this elitist attitude of ex jocks announcing from the booth way back in the 80s. Dan Dierdorf, in self proclaimed authority manner, called Andre Waters a dirty player. I saw it. I heard it. It made me sick. And Andre Waters was pinned with that tag from then on. Because what is said on MNF spreads and sticks like the Black Plague of centuries past. Waters did his job. It was a hard hit. But for a "color" commentator to make a comment like that is unacceptable. Most of them do it regularly now-a-days tho. And also make sure replays and just what they think reaches officials.

Lastley, God was, indeed, at the Super Bowl. The owner of the Colts said so. God came with them from Indianapolis. To further hasten my quick demise Tony Dungy went on to make pronouncements about the African/American thing. Also, Tony Dungy said the Lord was with him and Lovie Smith too. Ya know?...I don't know how He does it.

Like Christmas and the buildup, it's all over now. That's all folks. (I know how Santa does it)


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