Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Think I've Got It Right Now!

Well I'm still doing a ton of research on information from Dan Brown's books Angels And Demons and The DaVinci Code.
What I'm finding is giving me the best peace of mind and assurance of doubts I've carried since childhood.
I attended a Prestbyterion church with my mum when I was a short person. I attended Catholic church with a friend of mine, Agnostic and a couple others.
I came to the conclusion they all had a flaw in them. So I had no membership in any organised religion as time has gone by.
What flaws? Remember now, this was a little mind looking around, and what I was seeing were contraptions of gold, expensive fabrics, people praying to statues, a country of gold and silver and magnificent buildings with thousands of poor people living all around in the country which is the headquarters of one of the two major western religions. All these things I had heard were sinful in sermons and Mass. The other headquarters is about equal in wealth and decor. The people who served these organisations, I was told, lived a sparse life. I've seen the living quarters and I'm aware they are totally comitted but I really don't see them lacking for anything. More of a symbolic "suffering" in their calling. And why anyone has to suffer at all? I wonder...Hey I don't get that either. And God is going to rage down on us if we make a mis-step in this life? Well didn't His Son give His life for Mankind's sins? I was told how great God is and of His wisdom and compassion. Why, then, would He want to throw my soul into a pit of fire?
SO...the 60s come and go and I'm basically in limbo as far as organised religions go. I believed there was a God but where He was and how it all began was the conundrum most people ponder. Ya know? I also was wondering where all the miracles went. I have seen, recently, phenomenon on earth which, back then, most likely would have been considered as "visions" of Holy Figures. For example early on a misty morning you may turn your back to the sun and see a halo of colored light with a form in the center. Well the form would be you. Your shadow. And the colored light surrounding the form is sunlight reflecting off water particles in the morning mist. This effect is called The Glory! The "official" term is called a Brocken Spectre.
I had ideas. Very, very loose pieces of mind as to how and who and where HE was and how He worked.
I always, and still do, get very angry when I hear people asking why God let such terrible things happen. For example floods, fires, war and just the general evil things that some people do. And I really burn when I hear people thanking God for touchdowns, their health, and any number of things that they achieved on their own due to their hard work and commitment to what it is they do. Not to mention the team mates efforts who helped or others who aided in any achievment. People who paid for and helped build a certain home a fortunate person was given to begin again. "Thank the Lord and God All Mighty" I've heard these folks say. God and The Lord had nothing to do with it. God and The Lord supplied everything In The Beginning! Man and Woman developed from there what was provided. Man and Woman provided in the Divine Nature of this world. Killing in the name of God has to be ended and quickly! It is the most horrific mistake of Souls who believe God has commanded them to kill! An error in perception which must be rehabilitated!
I've been working on a web site about space and the people who travel there. Believe me Carl Sagan wasn't off base when he said we are a speck of sand in the order of things. It's been mind boggling! It's wondrous, enourmous, beautiful and although it's science, I couldn't shake thinking of God while I'm watching and learning about all that's around us. Then along comes Dan Brown and I find and understand how battles were fought and how symbols are changed by the victors of wars in the very early development of civilization.
As recently as 1939 a symbol was changed by the Third Reich when they took an Aztec religious symbol (similar to a cross) and turned it into a political symbol for their movement. I was told about the Crusades in school. But somehow they left out the part about it being a purge of other religions and people around the populated lands of that time. It was appalling. It was blasphemous! In Angels And Demons, though it was a fictional story, I could see and accept a reasonable concept that there is a God and that He most certainly is the maker of Heaven and Earth!
We are energy folks. Each and every one of us is a human form with an energy within which, of course, is our Soul.
When we shed our human form our energy releases and joins with God. Who is the Energy that touched anti-matter and created the universe. He gave us life and a beautiful place to live and toil and create the best we can to make each other a happier, more comfortable life. I've heard "How can God let this happen?" and even folks discarding God because if the evil they see is happening they conclude there is no God. Why wont He do something?, they ask. Why wont he make it better? Well Excuuuusse Him!! Make it better? What else can you ask for?....It's an infinate universe and we were given the jewel of that universe! He gave us everything we need! He did say "Now go and multiply" and make good use of what I've given you, didn't he?
Do not ask or curse or blame God for what goes wrong here on earth. It is up to us to carry on. Us to help ourselves! It's written nowhere that we all should live as one and think and believe the same way. Borders are a needed survival tool for all humans to make our own way, in our own way here on earth. We are all equal! BUT we are all energies of different soul. Each to be respected. Each to be left in peace. We have come a long way in a short time. The days of the Crusades, before and after, had much more war and more barbarity than we do today. War is still among us. Don't blame God. Pray to God. But don't expect He's going to say "Oops, I'm sorry". He gave us everything. It's left to us to make it good and keep it well.
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing... A quote I've heard many times. But believe me. My eyes and heart have been opened and it is so simple it's miraculous!
Don't think I'm not aware of evil being here. It is. We have to watch for it and keep it at bay! For we all are souls of energy. But some souls are distorted.
That's it for today folks. I just had to get that out. There's so much more I could write but my energy is telling me to sleep for now.
Cheers and Take Care,


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