Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Here's what I think about you Swift Boat Veterans For Bush:
Your minds have all gone to mush! You all have lost your dignity and any resemblence of Manhood. There was a unity as being one of "Those". "Those" being all of us Vietnam Veterans who have dealt and are still dealing with our participation in that era of American history. I have always viewed the Vietnam Vet as one unit of hundreds of thousands of guys who, alone or a member of an organised group, treated one another with great appreciation. Thought of one another with great appreciation and would never, NEVER turn his back on a fellow Vet or let that fellow Vet be dishonored by anyone! Never by anyone, be that person military or most definitley not by a civilian. I was stunned to learn some of you were Prisoners Of War. I saw how you stood, like children and turned your back on John Kerry as he took the podium. OH...You all (all 3 or 4 of you) looked so bloody arrogant and self rightous! You did this in the name of POLITICS!...The exact evil, bastard that had us in that God forsaken war in the first place! You reason that Kerry betrayed you. Bullshit! Can ya smell it? You reason that the enemy used that against you. That it hurt you. Bullshit! What? The enemy said "Lookie here GI...See your own comrad say you not belong here. That you number fuckin ten GI?" And this HURT you? This broke your morale? AAwwww....You musta been one hard motha fuckin soldier! Or were you Navy? Coz a ton of guys went in the Navy to AVOID getting too close! SEALS, SEABEES, Special Ops, all those guys wanted in! They're A-1. But Air Force?...Flying way up there dropping your bombs then heading home to base or Navy firing those big guns out in the Gulf or Sea then sitting down for some good chow. But some of you got shot down? That was bad. Some were captured and you were made a POW. Horrible fate! But did you become blind to humanity or are you a "love it or leave it" type of guy when it comes to the USA? If all men and women were of that ilk the USA wouldn't exist today. There is always something that can be improved or someone who is abusing the highest office which leads this country. When that occurs it is time to make a stand. I served in Vietnam. I was decorated in Vietnam. When I returned I showed my support for the end of the war. I'm just Sgt. Shmoe. So I joined the thousands who marched and I let my Freak Flag Fly. I paid dearly for this by society. But that's of no import here. This is what happened folks:
Americans were being told daily of how the USA had thewar under control. The Generals told the media and the media told the USA and the world the Ho Chi Minh Trail was shut down.( A trail from the north, through the jungle, to the most southern regions which the enemy transported weapons & ammuntition)That the USA had stopped the arms coming from NorthVietnam. That the ARVN forces (South Vietnamese Army) were taking on a larger role and performing as "crackerjack" troops. Charts, figures, daily body counts and the fact the USA had not lost a battle to date was trumpeted daily! When I was on my way to being "in country" in January of 1968 the Vietnamese were celebrating TET. The Asian New Year. Well on the VERY NIGHT of celebrating, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong hit every major City, Town, Village, Villa, Shantytown, you name it,they hit them all within minutes of each other from the DMZ in mid-Vietnam to the farthest reaches of South Vietnam! The "well under control" enemy took over the American Embassy in the capital of the South, Saigon, all major Radio facilities and were actually broadcasting their arrival! They had been pouring into all these areas for months un-noticed. Where did the weapons come from? The Ho Chi Minh Trail and underground! The Vietnamese had been fighting for their country for a 100 years! China, Japan, England and the French couldn't take it! All these years an underground system had been steadily growing throughout the entire country! I'm sure you have heard of the anxiety our GI's experienced getting attacked time and again never able to actually see the enemy! Your friend would fall by your side. A hellish firefight would ensue and if you did see the enemy it was most likely when you were checking out the fire zone after the battle and found the enemy who got hit! Frustrating?...There's not a damn word I know of that describes what these GI's felt when day after day guys were dying horrible deaths and you never saw where the hell the enemy was. You could only shoot back in the direction the shooting was coming from! Some GI's, when coming on a village KNOWN to hide and support the Viet Cong would dispense Justice. This is all John Kerry was doing. Reporting on that. The war had to be ended. Government is slow. GI's were falling daily. It took some Brave Souls to appear before the fucking committee and have to repeat fucking things that were going on because it HAD TO END! It took that TET Offensive to shake the public AND the news media that things were not so promising as we were being told. Matter of fact?...The country was being lied to and sacrificing their sons and daughters! Also The ARVN were dropping arms and running more often than not when the red zone got a bit red!A tendril of World War II patriotism still entwined throghout the populace of the USA then. John Kennedy being assassinated cracked that mold in 1963. Cracked a bit more when Martin Luther King happened upon the same fate. Then crumbled when Robert Kennedy was eliminated too!It was like a picture forming to the The Aware American . Then TET!...I gotta stop! If anything should have upset you Swifties is the news of MLK and RFK. NOT some dude telling Congress what he saw and heard was going on in the war! What? You feel like a criminal and John Kerry was ratting on you? That's the only way it can be perceived!You felt like you were being exposed! You said it on TV and to the print media! You said John Kerry betrayed you! How the hell did he betray you? In my opinion your all old fuckin' fogie, bastard, cunt cap wearing, medals on your lapels assholes! SIT THE FUCK DOWN! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR OR SEE YOU AGAIN!... Double crossing, prissy, cry baby dicks!


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