Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dangerfield's Respect!

I heard today Rodney Dangerfield was entering the hospital for a serious heart procedure. What heart procedure isn't serious?
I just saw him a few weeks ago on...yes Craig Kilborn's Late Late Night Show and he blew me away! Mr. Dangerfield was in top form. Even having to pause a beat on occassion to let the audience catch up! Ya know? He still has that great "patter", quick delivery and sharp wit! I love this guy! Here's Rodney Dangerfield answering how he thinks the procedure will go..."if things go right I'll be here about a week. If things don't go right I'll be here about an hour and a half."
Gonna see you in a week or two Rodney Dangerfield! We're all thinking of you.

Update on Craig Kilborn is that Friday August 27th will be his last show. Guess he didn't read my plea. One of the fastest exits I've ever seen from a hit show like his. Not counting, of course, Jack Paar's walk off. Coz he came back not long later. Maybe Craigers will be back too.

Well...he left. And yes. He wanted more than his current million a show. Who was that red head guy on NYPD Blue who left for grandeur aspirations?...Yeah...Who was he? And now Jimmy Smits is coming back to ABC TV. Good move Jimmy!


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