Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mayor Calls It Boneheaded!

I just fell out reading a post by Prison Pete! In his, sometimes witty posts, he mentioned an event that took place in Brooklyn, N.Y. back on June 29th 2004. Something, I believe, was so outrageous it should have been on the national news!
It seems a fine young graduate of high school, Valedictorian of her class, gave her speech the day prior to the diplomas being handed out. She also had a full scholarship to Smith College by the way. SO...This student's name is Tiffany Schley and, evidently, she was unhappy about a few things so she mentioned them in her speech. She thought the Legal Studies course was overcrowded and that the teaching and counseling, in her opinion, was inadaquete.
Well guess what happened the next day? The high school refused to hand over her graduation diploma! Before Ms. Schley gave her speech the staff of the school attempted to alter all the negatives of her text into positives! Ain't that grand? Ms. Schley would have none of it and delivered the speech SHE had written.
Tiffany Schley shows up the next day for her diploma and, as Prison Pete would say, she got BOPed! No diploma for you!
You can imagine the chaos that occured after that! Ms. Schley was given her diploma after intervention by local officials and was told by the Deputy Schools Chancellor Carmine Farina a full investigation was under way. But guess what... AGAIN? The Schools "Deputy" Chancellor Farina did NOT give Ms Shley an apology! I wonder if there is a Schools Sheriff Counsellor. And if so...Where was he/she?
Mayor Bloomberg called the whole matter "boneheaded"! And I say right on Mayor Bloomberg!
How that didn't get picked up off the wire I have no idea! See? We're fed pablum and what the media thinks we need to know and the "hot" topic of the month out in California is slapped on the screen.
Thought I'de pass this along. Amazing the things some people do because of their social status and anything negative said about it.
Have Fun! Take Care! And thanks Prison Pete. Stay the course man! And I hope when you get out you get that talent of yours planted, watered and grown!


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