Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I only wanted to be comfortable with her. To pass time learning and sharing experiences. To be able to take my eyes off her and know she would be there when I returned. To be able to lay her back gently while stroking my fingers over the fine textures she so loves. The ambience was always enjoyable and all I wanted was to look into her and absorb the beauty she always shared. The excitement she never failed to incite in me was intoxicating. Mixing with my blood and charging me with untold tensions and thrills always to bring me, sometimes, to a tear or a broad smile. All I asked was for a reciprocation to the way I felt about her. But no...She always had to slap at me unprovoked. Just as she had me on the edge of discovery she would slip away and close up on me. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! I would look away, but for an instant, and when I turned back to her the passion had gone! My senses would be heightened and anticipating the next sensation she devised for me but she had shut me out. All because she couldn't keep herself open to me! I would do all I could to settle her sometimes taught manner. To open up and give and take with time not existing. But NO! She wouldn't do that! She'd slap my hands and close up on my fingers and totally shut herself tight if I were to take my hand off her. If even for a second I let go my touch, she would close up to frustrate me. Extinguishing the mood and making me wait until minutes passed to regain the passion we were involved in. That's why I broke the bitch's back! Thats why I bent her body in half until I felt the soft crunching of her spine crumbling! Heard the crackle and pop of her breaking! Feeling her become limp, pliable and damned well broken! Look at her now! Much better, don't you think? Look now how I lift this whispery part of her and it falls limply over and lays so flat and still. Oh! I still get my excitement and thrills from her, that piece of pulp, and without all her damn quirks and slaps and closing up on me! I've found how to handle her now! When I'm through with her and they find her, and I know they will, there will be no tell tale signs of who did this to the chippy bastard! Only when I'm far gone and some stranger opens her up, as I did, will she lay there so limply and open for pleasure. They will know that somewhere...sometime...someone broke the spine of this book. And they will thank me! Yes! Thank me!


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