Saturday, September 04, 2004

Get The Money?

Let me preface this piece by advising you of the caliber of movie. NOT like "nickle" movies from the 20s. This was when they made movies like Moby Dick, The Vikings, Friendly Persuasion, War Of The Worlds to name a few. The 1950s! Which One movie just happens to be the focus of this piece.

I was just reading, while protecting all you guys here in my blockhouse, how Tom Cruise, in response to being asked about how he felt about his involvement in a re-make of War Of The Worlds, said It's the kind of movie as a kid you cut as many lawns as you can so you can get the money to see the film on day one. Hmmmm?
It was my duty to go to the movies every Saturday when I was "short". I was given an allowance for chores done for my Mum of 25 cents a week. A LOT OF MONEY! I also was a little, before my time, street person who collected empty bottles of Nehi, Pepsi, RC Cola, Seven Up, Coca Cola to return to the stores. Because back then you got 5 cents for each bottle returned. Why? Coz they used them again. That's why. Something called re-cycling. A new concept today. But done in a way I fail to comprehend. Anyway...My point is, Tom, I call him Tom because we're old pals, he was mowing lawns somewhere bustin' a gut...and I was in the city doing...well being a street person I guess. I had no idea he was mowing lawns as if he was breaking his back to make enough money to go to the movies to see this film.
Well...We never actually saw War Of The Worlds together because I don't think he was born yet.
I'm rambling on here aint I? OK..I would gather all my nickels and put them with my 25 cents allowance and on Saturday head into town to watch a movie. Usually a double feature. And if ya were REAL lucky there were 15, Count Em, FIFTEEN cartoons showing before the premiere event!
Now you can see why Tom might think you had to mow a ton of lawns to get the money to see something like this.
Well I would get to the theater, which was a REAL theater. Thick, velvety carpeting, huge mirrors and chandeliers and a man in the lobby to take your ticket and tear it in half and give you back your half of the stub. (This was in case of emergencies like having to go outside to see if "Randy" or whoever hadn't shown up yet had shown up so ya could get them inside) And cushioned seating with a big stage at the front. This is where the movie screen was. And in front of the movie screen were two, not one, but two curtains! CAN YOU DIG IT?! Everyone would be having a grand time when suddenly the house lights went down (there were no Mums or Das at the movies on Saturday. Why? Unheard of) and everyone came to a hush as the anticipation built for the movie to start. Then, up there on the thick scarlett and gold edged curtains, the light from the projecter began flickering. The opening soundtrack burst out of the walls all around you and you could see images beginning to flicker on that magnificent curtain. And at just the right moment, just as the lion was to roar, the heavy golden, scarlett curtain swooshed from side to side opening the portal brighter and thus began the leaving of planet Earth! Then the Title sequence would appear and a thinner, silkier curtain would open and BAM! you were presented with the images of the place you were being taken to clear, bright and all encompassing! It was a time!
OH?...I would pay 25 cents to get into this grand theater and if I wanted some popcorn there was a machine there filled with popcorn also with bags for your use to hold your popcorn. The bag was about the size of a "Super-Size" cup of today ok? You would put 10 cents in the machine, gather your bag around the chute where the popcorn was going to come out and voila! Ya got a ton of popcorn for 10 cents. So what do we have here now? I've spent 35 cents. I'm in a glamorous palacial building with the finest of entertainment to take me away. Off, off and away! OH? And there were girls there too! We ALL had a tumble of a time!
That's what I'm trying to figure out. Old Tom talking like he was there and I thought he might have been. Really! But man! That talk of all the hard work to go to the movies to see it on day one? And he went "Oh My God" to Steven Spielberg, another devoted friend, when presented with the offer to re-make the movie and he said what I just said. Tom was quite excited. As he should be.
Too bad they're gonna ruin another Great Movie Classic dontchya think? Especially a movie that was the kind of movie you would mow as many lawns as you could to get the money to see it on day one.
You can read it for yourself in Entertainment Weekly Sept. 3 edition. BTW...I'm just kiddin' about Tom and Steven being my pals...Tom and Steven forgot about me a long time ago.

Today a 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 year old can NOT see any movie I ever saw in the 50s because it will damage them psychologicaly! They need the violence explained to them and given Ritalin to calm them. They can't handle all the confusing details of men and women and war and chaos. They won't understand that they need guidance to watch a movie like Moby Dick, War Of The Worlds or Friendly Persuasion, The Vikings or House Of Wax! All these secular groups have over ridden the majority to safegaurd the children! They have snaked their ideals and beliefs into the framework of all society now. We all have to be told what is safe and what is not. What is good and what is bad. If we can smoke and if we can't. Where to piss and how to do it.
Thank you. Illuminati for killing this country.


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