Sunday, September 12, 2004

Frenchman Speaks Too Quick!

DATE: Sunday September 12, 2004

OK...I think it's time for people to own up to the fact that Aquarius is here but the world isn't going to blow up. Information is going to finally be revealed that will "change" the world forever! Actually it has already been revealed, in a manner. Time will tell to what length people will go to avoid it.
A tour guide in France, one Jean-Manuel Traimond, is having somewhat of a hysterical problem dealing with Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. In quite a state of agitation he argues that Dan Brown is outright wrong with his assertions and Jean-Manuel works hard to debunk, as many do, the book's facts.
Jean-Manuel states "He invents bridges that don't exist. He puts trees where there are no trees," Traimond says, "He claims Godefroy de Bouillon was the king of France, and he never was. ...It's like claiming Paul Revere was President of The United States!" And he puts this outrage to use on his tours. BIG problem there is he's misinforming those poor folks who paid their dear Euro's for his misrepresentation of whatever sites he's directing these tourists on!
See...Dan Brown never says Godefroy was king of FRANCE. He says Godefroy was king of Jerusalem! But, alas, I've caught Dan Brown in a veeeery minor error here. Seems Godefroy de Bouillon declined the title king on religious grounds. So he was designated Holy Sepulcher!
Now his brother, Baldwin I, who succeeded him did take the title king.
All this occurred, as I mentioned earlier, in 1099 after the siege of Jerusalem and victory was attained.
So Jean-Manuel Traimond? Maybe Dan Brown did take some literary license in his description of the countryside. But, Mon frere Traimond, I am afraid you they say? did drop the Oeuf on this particular stop on the tour.
Bon Mardi Jean-Manuel!

Snagged from a reviewer of Associated Press writer Angela Doland.
Angela? Get the fact first so you can get an even more intense interview when you throw the fact and his error in what "king" he was speaking of back at him. then stand back because...well who knows what a guy so upset and misinformed will do then? huh?


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