Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm Going To PUT YOUR NAME Out!

I haven't forgot that mealy, mush of a politico who, while being interviewed RE: Kerry, said [sic] "Would you really call someone a hero who shot a wounded kid in the back as he was running away?". I couldn't believe he said it and neither did the interviewer who quickly replied with [sic] " I don't think you would call a person who just shot at you and had a grenade launcher a kid would you?" The mealy guy looked a bit taken aback at not being received as a "compadre", so to speak, of the interviewer.
One of the WORSE comments I've ever heard on the matter! The "kid" was a Viet Cong soldier as I was a soldier and Kerry was a soldier and all of us who were there. And of the thousands of Americans who fought there the average GI was about 20 years of age! The youngest ever in history for American combatants! It's unknown how many Americans this "kid" had killed himself. He sure as hell didn't just get pushed out of the nest on MAIN STREET, Vietnam and thrown into the lions den! Forced to perform tasks he knew nothing of and was an "innocent" kid facing the "Evil Forces" surrounding him as, I would say, just about every kid from the States WAS who got assigned to the War Zone! That "kid" was laying in wait. Part of an AMBUSH to kill and slaughter the first Americans he KNEW would be coming down that stretch of water in that particular area of the jungle!
So when I finally confirm his name and occupation I'm going to make sure everyone is aware of the ingnorant, souless, self serving bastard I believe this politico to be!
Folks...WAR is an INDESCRIBEABLE thing! These efforts to tell what a "free fire zone" is and the like to reporters chewing on this Kerry thing are sickeningly inadequate and makes my skin crawl to hear these fools vieing for their moment of fame and television exposure!
I have found, when meeting another mate who was in Nam, that you can say as little as one sentence or even not get that sentence finished and a quick, clear realisation and understanding is quickly formed and laughter or a knowing hand slap is made and a brief, strong bond is established for that encounter!
I just can't understand how these guys are letting politics do this to them.
On With The Day!


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