Thursday, September 09, 2004


Right now Dennis Miller has a trio of Vietnam Vets and they're YACKIN' about how John Kerry "called" and "named" and "accused" Vets in Nam of war atrocities. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? STOP TALKING about things that happened 35 years ago in your bleedin' intellectual, pompous manner! John O'Neal just said, because of Kerry, people here in the USA were calling all us Nam Vets baby killers and murderer's. They were doing that BEFORE I left for in country in 1968! It wasn't because of John Kerry they did this! It was because of the usual culprit THE MEDIA! My God they had video of it and showed general warfare on TV every night and what you saw was GI's burning villages, dead men, women and children and the CHAOS of WAR! Not to mention the numerous "body bag" shots of GI's being loaded for return to the States! The extremist anti-war groups were the people using these terms "baby killer" and "murderer"! After the demonstrations I participated in I would always see the primary coverage of that event portray, on the news, the molative cocktail, rock throwing small, extreme minority of people who were doing this! THEY were NOT the HEART of the event! I remember seeing on television a video report of protesters running down the street with a North Vietnamese flag shouting out the atrocious names mentioned above! It appeared to be hundreds of people. I recently saw a documentary on that era and that shot was included. And LO and BEHOLD the camera pulled back from the scene and it was about 6 or 7 people! The MEDIA had "CROPPED" the picture! Shot a tight close up of the few fools and presented that as the representation of the anti war event of that day! SEE? MEDIA MANIPULATION! It's happening now! As I said in the last post all John Kerry did was REPORT, TRUTHFULLY and not what he thought Congress wanted to hear! He DID NOT ACCUSE people! He reported the facts at a time after the all revealing TET OFFENSIVE had turned PUBLIC OPINION against the war and the usual pomp and cicumstance of committees, panels, research teams being formed to make it appear something was being done! While the war dragged on these committees heard all the various "witnesses" to decide their royal decree on whether to put an end to the war or not!!
I'm not pushing for any candidate here! I want this MADNESS of turning on good men who fought there to END!! John McCain fully agrees and stood by President Bush as the President, though lightly, I thought, asked for an end to these "Swiftie" ads!
Come on Dennis! I love ya man! And I hear you set yourself apart by saying you wern't there so you didn't want to comment but you're giving the problem a PLATFORM and STAGE to spread this vile, twisted view of what was happening then!
Kinda like Peter Jenning's attempt to re write history with that horrible, slap in the face to World War II GI's AND America when he presented his Hiroshima "Special"!
Peace and Out Brother!


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