Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I've Been Practicing. Here's Some Things Irking Me

  • I like Tom Hanks. What is irking me is this phenonenon of Tom Hanks; Actor extraordinaire, talent supreme, the "must interview"-we-learn-so-much-from-this special man. That's what? Yes Tom Hanks is a great actor. He's come a long way from "Big". Private Ryan and Apollo 13 were great movies. But I don't get the "in depth, serious, I've come to the mountaintop interviews.
    Each of the previous movies Tom Hanks was interviewed as if he was, one, a World War II Veteran and scholar of War. And, two, As if he was an actual Astronaut and scholar of space sciences. Now he's all over the screen as somehow being the "super talent" in an animated movie. Irks me.

  • What's happening to the citizens of the United States? A movie with puppets, "Team America", is a smash. This stinking gem has garnered $31 million dollars in 5 weeks! Even getting "A" and "B" ratings from so called critics. "Seed Of Chucky." Now there's a bloody movie deserving of a "C+" rating! More bloody puppets and being raved about! "Chucky", to date, has brought in $8 million dollars. That's ONE WEEK, Folks! Irks me.

  • Here comes a BIG ONE. I saw and heard a cabinet member of President Bush, I don't remember his name (seem to have been a lot of new faces after a certain party was re-elected.) some faces have changed, answer the question what we would do if Iran did not abort their nuclear program with this; "I guess there would have to be a regime change." That's the short version. So is this the OK we're king-O-the-world-out-in-the-open-reich-of America beginning?
    I tell ya... After hearing Bush say he's going to spread freedom and democracy around the world then hearing this guy say, as if the deed would be like
    swatting a fly, we'll make a regime change Scares The Hell Outta me! Irks me too.

  • Hey! I don't think Terrel Owens and Nicolette Whats-her-name were even in the same room when that Monday Night Football opening "clip" occurred. If you see it again look at Owens' eyes. They don't appear to be looking directly at her. I THINK, and I know ya hate it when I do that, but I think it was filmed seperately. Notice at the end, when she jumps in his arms and the two turn toward the camera, you will NOT SEE A FACE! Ahaah! in the Janet Jackson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. thing The seculartist's, Illuminati, Special Interest, what-ever ya-want -to-call-them are WAY OUTTA LINE! Irks me.

  • Finally, for now, Neale Godfrey (that's a woman by the way) who used to be a bank president and family finance expert had a quarter page in the newspaper explaining the symbols on the dollar bill. Now here it get's interesting. She gives a brief, terse history of banking (Not mentioning the Knights Templar who actually devised the beginnings of the banking system). Then she responds to some pre-fabricated questions. How do I know this? because if I asked, or anyone asked, why is there a pyramid on the dollar we would not add and why is it unfinished, now would we? Huh? WOULD WE?
    Tied to this question is "why is there an eye above the pyramid?"
    OK. Here's what Neale Godfrey said: "The unfinished pyramid represents that our country is growing and still building and is striving for perfection."
    As to the "eye" she says "It represents the watchful eye of God. Belief in the deity was important to our forefathers and is mentioned several times on our money."
    I'm not even going to get into the part where she says there's an "owl" near the "1" on the upper left side.
    Here's the facts, maam. Why in hell would they use a pyramid, which none existed in America at the time, as a symbol of growth? The pyramid is a symbol representing a convergence upward toward the ultimate source. (Uhh...see Egypt re this)
    Now the "eye". Oh man she did a 1950s number on the "eye". Ms. Godfrey doesn't mention the "eye" is in a triangle. This is called a trinacria. You'll find it on Masonic lodges all around the world. But it's not their idea. It's origins are the Illuminati. Symbolizing all-seeing. The triangle is theGreek letter Delta, The mathmatical symbol for change or transition. Put 'em together and we have New World Order.
    Vice President to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Henry Wallace pushed for the design for The Great Seal. Being an upper echelon Mason (Illuminati connected for a fact) this was Wallace's contribution to U.S. history. Franklin D. Roosevelt, being a well known Mason himself, heartily agreed to this.
    One last item, as to the God Ms. Neale mentions. Under the pyramid are the words Novus Ordo Seclorum. In english this says New Secular Order. Secular as meaning non-religious. By the way this is right next to In God We Trust.
    So Roosevelt had his "New Deal" and we're still being fed a line of lies just like when we were kids. Still being poisened with fairie tales as a song I sing by the Eagles states. That really irked me.

  • Well I'm on my way. Been practicing and have a damn good song list and sing 'em damn well too. Now I've gotta get my ass out the door and on a stage. This is difficult. Any help?
    See? That didn't irk me.


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