Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Steam Roller Is Comin'

I don't know. I was watching the SuperBowl and a day later I heard the crime of mankind had been comitted. And I didn't even see it! Since then the United States Government, jollied on by all these "rightous, gold wearing, overweight, pudgy fingered men of GAUWD, have been systematically knockin' off radio and television broadcasting companies to the tune of a few million bucks and threats of being put off the airwaves. All evolving from this one, hardly-anyone-really-saw-it-'til-it-was-isolated-and-replayed-for-the-world, incident where Janet Jackson's breast was supposedly partially exposed. Recently Dale Earnhardt fined and had points deducted from his total in the Cup Race for blurting out the word "shit" in his excitement after a win. Fox TV is being fined for, what the "Commission" says was vile behavior in one of its reality programs. It's quite alarming, I must say. Very scary. This, with the phrase "I want to spread freedom and democracy around the world", shivers me timbers and they's been sayin' DON'T GOOSE STEP YOU BASTARD! I want peace for the world. But I don't want to go around the world making everyone live peacfully the way I happen to live. I believe the Catholic Church did this once in a thing called the Crusades. Then another guy with a very good speaking voice and a charisma which reached out and grabbed people, literally, tried to spread his vision of freedom and a better world around the globe. (And NO. I'm not speaking about you Lil Kim and your diabolical, persecution, victimisation old, dead, whipped horse self promoting excuse .)
I just don't like what I'm seeing and it really, really, really is scary. BOO! Happy Halloween.
Now a commercial break. Please watch all these babes walk by and cavort about in their bras and panties. Also watch and listen to these other hotties make suggestive moves and tell you how better they smell and feel with the latest "napkin" and easy placement and visual demonstration of said napkin, keeping the "wetness" from roaming about. They make BILLIONS of DOLLARS selling these "modeled" items and all the family can sit, watch and decide what to purchase. No fines. No threats. Just Thank You's.


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