Sunday, September 26, 2004

Disturbing Things Do Happen!

Well!...I guess I've been told off, huh? I submitted Blog Of Fire & Heart! to Disturbing Search Results last week. Due to not fully understanding their format I was banned by the webmaster Kevin.
Last night, before leaving for work around 10PM, I re-upped, so to speak, read and sampled some links and saw one was to place a "humorous, odd, interesting or disturbing" sort of post. So I sign up, place a headline about numbers do lie (when we're told they don't) and entered my blog address. OK...So far I thought I was a good lad. Keeping with the standards and all that. Even put their link on my blog.
While at work I think to meself...I says to meself...(yeah I actually, out loud, say to myself "I should put the address to that specific post in there, instead of the whole blog address, because no-one's gonna be able to find it!"
I get home this morning about 7:15AM and fire up the world control center and, first, check my e-mail. Here it starts to go downhill. And I run those words together because that's how fast it went downhill.
I open an e-mail from Kevin (he's the yea and nay sayer for "Search") and I mean to tell ya he let's me know, in no uncertain terms, what a fool and terrible sneak I am.
When I clicked on the link to this "Disturbing Search Site" I see he has made a note to all that come that I tried this once before and was banned (when I didn't know what I was doing)[this isn't mentioned by Kevin. That I'm stupid sometimes] and I just tried it again! So it's obvious, and without question I am doing this purposely! Setting me, as an example for all to fear if they should try to be stupid too!
It informs everyone who views this that he sent an informative, detailed e-mail to me and I still thought I could get away with it.
It's even on GOOGLE SEARCH.
I did write to tell this chap I did receive his e-mail, At 7AM Sunday Morning
This is what is on the Disturbing Search Site:

Bill Dyckns said on 9/25/2004; 4:42:42 PM:
Were you told numbers never lie? Here's proof they do!
(You just blew your second chance. Did you even read my email response? -- Kevin)
the search request found in Bill Dyckns's log files on 9/25/04; 5:43:14 PM.
Kevin said on 9/25/2004; 8:47:41 PM:
Explanation for other members: He wrote me to ask why he had been blocked from posting. I answered his question in detail and unblocked his account. Then he did the exact same thing again. I modified the url so it goes to the Blogspot homepage instead of his site, the rest is unchanged. Now there's little doubt it was intentional, but if he didn't get away with it the first time, what made him think he would this time?

And here it SHOWS THE WORLD, on GOOGLE yet, that Dyckns is BANNED,...With their web site's name above.
Here it is:
Disturbing Search Requests
... 34:26 AM. Blog Of Fire & Heart! (If you want to have your account unblocked,
you have to play by the rules. Thanks, Kevin) Discuss ... - 44k - Sep 24, 2004 - Cached - Similar pages .

At least he does say "Thanks." ~sigh~ BUT that is on GOOGLE from the First time I was banned!

What's a lad to do, hey?


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