Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Message In A Bottle

Well I sent my two pieces RE: Vietnam Vets Gone AMOK to the Swiftboat Veterans themselves. Tonight I saw ANOTHER ad on television and they actually promoted a website in it. On the website they say they're defending the honor of vets. They sure as hell are an arrogant lot huh? They could take a trip to Ohio and kiss a couple of gravemarkers and give a moment of prayer or silence to the honor of those college students killed by the NATIONAL GAURD & ARMY RESERVES in 1971! That would be defending my honor...truthfully. Where is the money for these ads and this website from? I certainly hope not people who DONATE money to their "post", "ship" or whatever they call themselves! Especially if the people DONATING the cash are thinking they're helping keep the "good boys" supported in a decent clubhouse for their carousing!


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