Sunday, September 19, 2004

Childrens Lit Writers Aren't
All A Happy Lot!

Credit Entertainment Weekly 09.24.04 Page 114 - Whitney Pastorek
And, of course, The Internet for research!

Better take a good look at that next kiddie lit writer you take your youngn' to see. Appears There's a few quality tomes out there but not being talked up all that much due to ..aahh...certain inconsistincies about the author's personal life.
First is Dorothy Kunhardt who wrote "Pat The Bunny". Seems Ms. Kunhardt was FORCED to write to support her family! Also she had quite an Intense relationship with her best friend, Kate, which, somehow, prevented her from being able to write an intelligible letter. She was ,too young, hospitalised for pneumonia. Which in reality had been a total nervous breakdown!
Second is Dare Wright (love that name) who penned the 1957s children's book "The Lonely Doll". Seems Dare (jeez I love that) was forced, by an overbearing mother, to stay eternally juvenile and ALSO had a Too intense relationship. But this was with her brother, Blaine, and out of this she was never able to find True Love. Dare Wright died, again, too young, due to just plain losing the will to live.
Third, And I think I've been snoopin' around too long, I'm gettin' depressed, was the sad Mary Lamb who co-authored the 1807s children's book Tales From Shakespeare! Along with writing Mary Lamb was forced to sew to upkeep the family. And Mary Lamb also had a Too intense relationship with HER brother Charles and after a few too many stays in asylums, which also prevented her from finding her True Love, Mary Lamb butchered her mother.
All together now...Oob La Di Oob La Da, Life Goes On Yeah!


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