Saturday, September 18, 2004

Not To Be Named!

Here's something I thought was going to be REALLY amusing. Turns out it's a co-op adventure of three obnoxious twits with no...Let me say this...They have NO idea what humor is or where it's at! It's a list of names. I was looking for homonymns, anagrams, all those other nymns or something along the line of Bob White, ya know? Get the idea I THOUGHT it was going to be? One or two of the names are a stretch for a smile, if you really reach. Like for the sky when someone's holding you up. But, mostly, they're just regular names of folk. AND GET THIS!!! Ready?....Gonna get THIS?! The THREE TWITS don't put THEIR names on their work! I went straight to each "home" page and for these great seers of humor in people's names THEY don't let their's be known! Ain't that a gas?!


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