Thursday, September 16, 2004


They say numbers, as in mathematics, do not lie. OK...Years ago a professor (this makes it sound impressive huh?) gave me this conundrum and it blew my mind!
NOW...after I reveal this mathematical challenge I MUST say you CAN NOT just say "I know it's there!" OK? I know it's there too. BUT...MATHEMATICALLY it CAN NOT be answered. Thus, TaDa, numbers do lie and here is the math problem I ask you to solve:
Three guys (or gals) enter a hotel. They ask the manager how much a room for the night would be. The manager says..."I'll give ya a deal, $30.00 for the lot of ya!" Pretty good deal. So each guy (or gal) puts in $10.00 each.
Now they give the manager the $30.00. Making it only $10.00 dollars from each guy (or gal) for the room and they go to their room. The manager realises the owner has a "special" this week and the room should go for only $25.00. The manager calls the bellboy over and gives him five one dollar bills and tells him to run it up to the 3 guys (or gals) who just came in and tell them of the error and give them the $5.00 back.
As the bellboy is climbing the stairs he thinks "These guys (or gals)(the bellboy knows if they're guys or gals. I have no idea.) won't know the difference. I'll give them $3.00 dollars back and keep $2.00 dollars for myself." So the bellboy pockets the $2.00 dollars.
The bellboy knocks on the door and tells the three guys (or gals)(which, of course, he knows if they're guys or gals) the manager made an error and due to a "special" on the room they should get $3.00 dollars back and hands them the remaining $3.00 dollars and leaves them happy, he's happy. He's got himself $2.00 extra for nothing!
HERE'S the Mathematical question. (AND I KNOW IT'S THERE) BUT Mathematically SOLVE this problem:
Each guy (or gal) gets $1.00 dollar back. meaning each guy (or gal) paid $9.00 dollars and not $10.00 dollars for the room.
This makes the total paid by all three guys (or gals) $27.00 dollars.
OK...The three guys (or gals) ended up paying a total of $27.00 dollars for the room. And the bellboy has the $2.00 dollars he pocketed. This equals a sum of $29.00 dollars.
Where is the missing dollar? $27.00 and $2.00 equals $29.00 dollars and when it all began the 3 guys (or gals) gave the manager $30.00 dollars! Where is the 30th dollar?
This is a I forget what it's called! Uuuhhh...An unsolvable mathematical problem. Proving that numbers do lie.
Thank you for the applause...Thank you very much.....


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