Thursday, September 23, 2004

YOU PIG! Elton John's New Hit

I have to begin by saying I stopped listening to Elton John Oh...I guess when Bernie Taupin was no longer writing the lyrics for John. The blather filled, pulp like, "Is this a hit?" tracks he's been recording since "Yellow Brick Road" have been providing "white" noise for years now. I'de bet my blog, that at Elton John concerts the audience are all there to hear the 1971-1975 years he recorded. Well on to the POiNT! Seems Elton John has turned true Prima Donna.
Now, I'm sympathetic to the public personas being ganged on by paparazzi. And maybe the tragic death of Diana Princess of Wales brought back haunting memories to Elton John this day. But from what I saw on the video of this name calling, hate spewing incident I could only count 2 photographers and 4, maybe 6 reporters and/or hangers on. And this included the photographer who was filming the video I was watching! It was, mostly, an empty gateway John was exiting the airport through. It appeared there were more Elton John body guards & escorts than media. And you guys know how I feel about most of the "media". The John entourage appeared, now this is from the video, to out-number the one videographer, the cameraman taping the videographer/incident and the one person John was calling a pig. Maybe 3 or 4 other people were there too but I saw NO evidence of Elton John being crowded or pushed, as in the way you might think, from your past perception, of a true paparazzi attack. In the video coverage I saw 3, maybe 4 camera flash go off. Not exactly "The Attack Of The Paparazzi." It was eerie watching John, in a more or less empty gateway, acting like such a twit at about 3 AM in the morning. Standing there, behind his body guard, as he accused the Taiwanese of being rude and calling them pigs when so little was really going on.
Was it lack of sleep? Upset at not being paid to be video'ed? Or has Elton John just gotten fat and cranky and angry about all that money he spent for that hair of his?
Oh what a thing I do! Never in my dreams did I think I would ever speak ill of Elton John. And I'm not, really. I'm just pointing out the dissapointment I feel seeing certain troupadors of a revolutionary, we're gonna fix the world, all toghether HIP time, turning into old, bitter biddies.


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Blogger Bill Dyckns said...

Sshhh...Someone has broken into my printing press. and now this guy's post shows up in MY FUCKING SPACE! OH?...And he calls himself a "professional blogger." He knows not what I am. NOT what I profess to be. And he writes worth a gulls shit which dropped in his steaming cup of mocha latte. Go ahead...See for yourselves. I gotta change my freakin password!

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