Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mumble, Mumble, Mumble

I noticed tonight ABC's 20/20, Primetime or whatever zine-show they're showing Thursday 9/30 or Friday 10/01, is going to showcase Yusaf Islam aka Cat Stevens. From the clip it sure appears they're going to be stroking Yusaf's ego in a very, very opulent setting. I Don't Get It! America is going to be treated to Islam's meanderings of being so misunderstood. Happily being prodded by Dianne Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. And I'm sure the Heart of America will melt and say "how cruel" and ask Cat Stevens to sing "Moon Shadow". Forgetting, completely, that Cat/Yusaf called for the death of author Salmon Rushdie and thatYusaf/Cat morphed into an extreme theism which prompted Yusaf's call for murder.
Buy the way...I just have to tell you something I saw and heard Charlie Gibson say on air. Gibson, on occasion, sits in for Peter Jennings reporting "hard" news. It was a a year ago, again, with Diane Sawer on Good Morning America. The royal lads, Prince William and Harry of Wales had been in the tabloids for being seen having a pint, a scrap or the like and Ms. Sawer was reporting on the high jinx when Charlie Gibson chuckled and said...are ya ready for this? Charlie Gibson, Network Anchor, said, and I quote, "Where was their mother while all this was going on?" If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'! Have to say, though, Dianne Sawer really rehabilitated the situation with aplomb!

Meanwhile, back before the Iraq War began, North Korea, I noticed, was conviently not being mentioned by President Bush as the drums of war were being pounded as Frazzled haired Kim Jong II was firing up his uranium rods and ranting about the USA invading his piece of ice cold property across the wide Pacific.
Then today I see Foriegn Minister Choe Su Hon made it known to the U.N. and the world that North Korea now has nuclear capabilities. This, said Choe, was to insure his piece of frozen dirt is secure from the invasion he is certain will be coming from the east.
NOW...The U.N. or whoever asks a country a question like the question coming up didn't, as far as I could hear or see, get much of any public reaction from our hard news media. The question was Are the 8000 fuel rods weapons grade material or actual weapons? After a few words concerning the deterrent needed to protect his ice patch Choe said, "We declared that we weaponized this." Well. So much for that I guess. I watched the news and stories ranged from the war in Iraq to Hurricane Jeanne and why oil prices are going up. No word from President Bush, news anchors or even the couple of newspapers I read. I read an Associated Press report about it on the internet.
Oh?...And they held a jet-liner up because some woman found Arabic scibbled notes in a flight pamphlet. To me? It looks like the terrorists are winning. Americans are no longer living life the way it should. Things are breaking down folks. I'm keeping my eye on 200 million people in one country who any day might be led into hell and take us with them. Not freaking the hell out every time I see an Arab or Muslim.
Are you ready? I'm being followed by a moon shadow.


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