Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Timing Is Everything?

I see John Walker Lindh is asking that his prison sentence be commuted. This, as has been the case lately, sparked the synapses in my brain, making my thoughts see a kaleidoscopic effect of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam and John Lindh in
alter universe effects.
I'm fairly certain John Lindh had no idea of what happened in New York City on 09.11.01. Lindh was in the dirt, mud and expanses of Afghanistan and without a cell phone, no less! I believe this was a man who converted to a belief system and entered into his beliefs whole heartedly. I believe, as he states, John Lindh was involved in a local civil war, events centered around the general chaos going on in Afghanistan and he was in no way involved with bringing down America or acting as a world wide terrorist.
Unlike Yusuf Islam, and fortunately for him prior to 9/11, who called for a mans death because this man wrote a book. Who also converted to a similar theism and participated in this new found life by supplying large sums of cash to various groups within his new found life. All with relative safety from the United States imprisoning him. Why was Yusuf Islam not collected and jailed? Because John Lindh happened to be caught in his own adopted land fighting for his beliefs. Lindh had been totally unheard from by the American public, press or government. Yusuf Islam, on the other hand, had (prior to 9/11) been keeping a large profile and making threatening remarks and accusations in relative safety. Only being named among those who are blocked from flying into the United States, I'm assuming Yusaf Islam is allowed to float into the U.S. on a ship and wander about this land at will.
I say let this John Lindh be released. Many, more suspect, captives have been released from prison. I believe John Lindh has been put away and is being ignored because he was a "soldier."
Meanwhile, we can watch Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam be pampered, dabbed with make-up and generally be treated as a misunderstood musician of the 60s. While the thousands of dollars Islam "donated" continues to propel the barbarity which is far from where Yusuf Islam places his person.


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