Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Last night I happened upon the movie about the prison reformist named Brubaker. Today I happened upon a documentary on John Lennon and, of course, Lennon's end came by order of Hoover. There's corruption everywhere and I'm certain it's grown to monstrous proportions since the Boomer generation faded from the good fight.
Since those days of yore a couple of generations have grown and we have lost more basic freedoms and pursuit of one's general happiness than I can count.
So I'm saying forgetaboutit! STRIKE THE VOTE! Nothing's going to change except the face we see. Let 'em eat it! Let's see the voting boxes bare of human beings! No Peter Jennings, Brokaw or the rest of the yacking heads "reporting". No Exit Polls to bloviate over and telling us who's going to win by 8PM that night!
It's an Illusion that we actually elect anyone we really desire to lead our country. Ralph Nader IS NOT ALLOWED to be on the Ballot. He supposedly needs a zillion signitures to get on the ballot. I missed when that little item came along. I was taught anyone could run for President. I was also taught that a person could win the popular vote, as Al Gore did, but lose to the Electoral College. I remember this teacher saying "this happened only once in our history and is highly unlikely to happen again." This was prior to our Presidents, Candidates for President and Men of Freedom being assassinated. I think the "electoral college" is really the back room where the actual choice is made.
People have become so indoctrinated that they think voting for a third party candidtate is "throwing their vote away."
Think about it. Go back over the headlines of our newspapers for the past 60 years. If you didn't know what day or year it was, depending on the event, it could well be today!
Vote? Hell no! Not this time.


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