Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Troops are rebelling!THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. I was preparing an article about the "draft." I was going to say I believed the draft should never have been discontinued. I was going to say I believed if the draft had been in effect all these years there would be far fewer people in our prisons and jails. Far fewer people living undiciplined lives.
The military, although it did disrupt my life, taught me to be self sufficient. To live and keep myself and my home in some semblance of order. To deal with adversity and think through and resolve the many problems which came my way through life.
Also; the draft would have kept the United States prepared with an Armed Forces. Ready and capable. Not to say our military is not capable. But I believe our military, in this day and age, has a large element of men and women who came to the military solely for the extra income and the college tuition programs offered. I believe these folks never, in their wildest dreams, thought they were real, honest to goodness warriors! I believe a large number of these troops enjoyed their 6 months of active duty, away from everyday life. The 2 weekends a month, a kind of get-away from home for a couple of days, enjoyable. A break with pay, benefits and the impression of being a soldier in uniform. Gave them a sense of pride also. All well and good.
But when I saw what was developing when the world nations became unstable and saw the turbulance families were facing with mothers being called to active duty and their children watching their mothers leave for where, the children had NO IDEA, it was perplexing to me!
Then a total, real war developed and this so called volunteer army was caught completely off guard and they were bewildered. FACE IT! Most of these people were never contemplating going off to an actual war! They signed on for the specialised training, extra income and free travel that came with the deal.
Now look at what we have. A platoon, of what the media calls Reservists, REFUSED to take on a mission in Iraq to deliver fuel to some outfit, who obviously NEEDED FUEL, because this platoon thought it was too dangerous! They're saying they "normally are escorted by Humvees or a couple of "choppers" and since it was assumed safe to do without by Command this platoon said "no way."
The entire platoon was placed under arrest for disobeying a direct order and placed in tents. One 'reservist's mother had a message on her phone, from her daughter Amber McClenny, pleading for help! McClenny said "they are holding us against our will" and "We are now prisoners."
Now, as it goes, investigations, committees and panels are being formed and investigations being made. Volunteer Professional Soldiers? Volunteer Professional Military Armed Forces?...I don't think so. I didn't think so when the idea of a no draft all volunteer military was instituted and I sure as hell feel proven correct.
A wife of another reservist said "When my husband refuses to follow an order, it has to be something major." This was Jackie Butler, wife of Sgt. Michael Butler.
I guess this volunteer military, who they always refer to as "reservists" or "national guardsmen", think this is the "corporate" manner the military works. IT'S THE MILITARY! THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES! Not the local major employer in town who proposed something you disagree with, so you call in sick or go on strike.
Personal story?...I had to drive a guy to Saigon to catch a flight for his R&R at NIGHT! In a Jeep! With him unarmed, me with an M-16 across my lap and a guy sitting next to me with an M-16. That was it! All because someone didn't like someone (haven't figured out who) and made this guy wait until dark to leave Long Binh for his R&R. That's my story ok? I was ordered to saddle up and I saddled and rode. I didn't call home to mom and dad saying I'm being sent on a suicide mission, as a number of this platoon did.
Has anyone heard of the troops who needed the fuel? Are they dead? alive? sitting somewhere and can't move because they have no fuel being attacked?
Bush? Kerry? I believe either way we are going to have the draft back. And I think that's a good thing. This country has gotten lazy, spoiled and stupid. All the while saying "big government keep out" while begging big government to protect them from smoking, bad language, dangerous toys,dangerous cars, bad air, bad ground, bad housing...get my drift?
I have no sympathy for that platoon or their parents. The children I feel terrible for. First mom or dad wanted to have both worlds and now mom or dad has made the error of their life in that "other" world that got them out of the house.


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