Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Soldier's Refusal Not On Front Page?

It appears it was not a full platoon who bailed out of a direct order. It was 18 discerning, knowlegeable "troops." They knew better than their Command.
I've been expecting to see bold headlines on the front pages of our news papers concerning this occurence. It's not there! I found it buried, not on page 2 or page 3. It was buried in the middle of the front section.
The story is being raised at the end of cable news shows and being treated as if someone was standing on tiptoes, holding a baby off the edge of a building. Bill O'reilly, tonight, brought it up on the next to last segment of his show. I watch Bill O'reilly quite often and I have to say I was stunned as to the manner he questioned this "retired" Colonel David Hunt. you know; the "retired" colonels who came out of the woods during the Iraq War telling all of us "regular folk" what was going to happen and how we were doing? Well he was one of those colonels. Anyway; Mr. O'reilly was asking Colonel Hunt questions in regard to this mess softly and in a quizzical manner. Like Bill couldn't conceive of what was going on there. Bill O'reilly did not say, demand, suggest or even come near the question of these "troops" facing justice. I expected a strong rebuke and a call for swift, serious judication of these "troops."
Bill DID ask "what will happen to these people?" See what I mean about the act of keeping the situtaion quiet? Colonel Hunt , who I really think has his head up his ass, mentioned an Article 15! Know what an Article 15 is? An Article 15 is a punishment which says you've done a bad thing (like not mop the floors when told to do so), doles out a meager punishment (clean the toilets for a month) and doesn't go into your permanent record. I know. I received one. But That is a story for another day. This Colonel Hunt also mentioned that these troops are better than the troops we had in Viet Nam! Somehow, tying the actions of the troops who were in Viet Nam to these troops who committed anarchy on the battlefield! HELP ME I'M ON WHAT PLANET? Colonel Hunt's "professional" opinion also said the fault lay with the NCO's and Officer's in Command. Colonel Hunt said if these "troops" didn't repect their superiors he could understand this happening. Give Me Money! I'll Say Something Stupid Too! O'reilly let that slide like chili leaving his bodily fluids behind. Bill must have more on his mind.
As for these 18? They have given one excuse after another. Rusty trucks, tainted fuel, bad equipment and maybe one had to go to the latrine. A group of troops, who were off duty, were called in to replace these 18 and they made the delivery without incident. This is no small matter. Eighteen, count 'em Eighteen "troops" refused to act on an order! I saw a map of where this Army Supply Company is stationed. I saw the route, destination and delivery point these 18 were to take. ("Delivery point" being the key word) I don't want to say what I believe to be. I will say these 18 "troops" were based on the fringe border of Iraq. Where the build-up took place and the war began.


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