Thursday, December 02, 2004

C'mon Elton!

It's official, I'm afraid. Elton John is needy! After piping his latest opinion on some minutiae going on with the Beckham's,, Who, by the way, complain about being in the tabloids but are constantly groping one another in public under the sun in front of God and everybody (also always an eye in the direction of the photographer) would make me believe Beckham actually craves the attention. But John feels compelled to say Victoria is to blame for some problem or other. Why does Elton John feel HE has to voice his opinion on this bewilders me. On one note, though RE: The Beckham's I'm sick of seeing them in every issue of Hello Magazine. But what got me here writing this is the fact I see John has Totally Sold Out! In a newpapaper, today, a major retail outlet, Best Buy, has a full page ad for televisions and electronic notebooks and I was knocked out of me plimsoles to see his face in his rebellious pose of the 70s adorning each and every product which had a screen, monitor or flat panel available for purchase. 44" Wide Screen LCD? He's there. 15.4" screen on the hottest notebook? There he is. 27" Stereo television? His fist, with finger pointing, is stabbing out of the frame looking angry, anti-establishment as ever.
I'm too lazy to scan this page and post it. But...If ya don't believe me just say the word. I'm holding on to this for awhile.
Bernie Taupin... I wish you had the talent to play and sing all those great songs yourself. I know it's you. No Knighthood or OBE for you though huh?


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