Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Disappointment - MARK FELT?

First of all, Colson is an ass, who I believe was involved with the "Dallas Thing" (along with Hunt), for calling Mark Felt a coward, deserter, unAmerican and treasonous. Colson has been a name popping up in unsavory acts since the "Dallas Thing"! I don't trust Colson. I don't trust anyone in Nixon's entire administration. Funny...I was thinking the other day I feel it's happening again today with Bush. Making outlandish moves and statements without authorisation. Bush is going to take The United States and spread democracy all over the world? Who the hell gave the OK on that? Bush takes up with a minorty, secular, religious group and interferes with a private, family tragedy? Also hauls this minority group into the public arena under a political umbrella and rains down upon the masses these narrow minded code of ethics ALL must live by? About twice a week I read the "counter insurgency" by our military in Iraq and how it's better...I've been reading that same headline for 5 weeks now. Same as Nixon telling America we had things under control in Viet Nam. He had the generals lying in the war zone too. I was there when all hell broke loose and America and the world saw we had NOTHING under control. For you younger folks it was the TET Offensive...When North Vietnam and the Viet Cong took over every town, village, hamlet and city in the entire American zone. (It's later figured out that North Vietnam generals did this (after Ho Chi Minh died) to rid them of most of the Viet Cong as they could before the regular army took over the south.)
Colson says Kent is not a hero. Bullshit!...He's a hero alright.....
But as I was going to say.....of all the people involved, I really believed there was a good man at the inner core of Nixon's mini reich who was providing the information. Turns out it was what they are calling the "number two" man in the FBI Mark Felt. In other words...a good citizen...a man among the masses. Like you, me, that guy and gal walking over there....just a hard working "joe". Now let's hope this newer, stronger, post terrorist attack, fear driven reich doesn't get us all killed by any nymber of countries who presently resent the hell out of America. It's mind boggling...The words of hate from Europe to Asia to South America directed towards America. Never before has America been looked at as I heard one man say..."If we don't do it...America will just come and exact their might".
That stunned me.


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