Sunday, March 13, 2005

Simonetti...My Support For Journalspace Users

This is a letter to the editor I just fired off. An article in my newspaper with TWO pictures of Simonetti and a sorry story of people being fired due to their blogs:

In regards to the AP writer Anick Jesdanun's article you ran, Blogger's Beware, a real lack of totality of information smacked me in the face.
It's in relation to Ellen Simonetti who was portrayed as kind of a victim, from the quotes you allowed, as being fired from her job with Delta Airlines.

At present thousands of bloggers who use "Journalspace", the same as Ms. Simonetti uses for blogging, are complaining because she literally shuts the system down due to the thousands of hits coming into her blog site. She refuses to get her own domain. Not to mention the fact that in the article no mention was made that her blog was discovered because she wanted Delta to endorse and pay her for the photo's she posted with Delta uniform and logo's.

She is also suing Delta in court for damages. Clearly she tried to hustle Delta Airlines for cash. So please...A little more in-depth background on a story such as this.

Best Regards,



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