Monday, February 28, 2005


Well stop the friggin' presses!! An aquaintence has enlightened my concern of why Mr. Depp appeared so somber in a photo the press decided to use from Oscar Night In Hollywood to entertain the public of his being in attendence.
Ms. Ptiza Odelay, creative writer extraodinaire, has a stunning revelation! The article is entitled "Red Carpet Gonzo". In case you read this late and the article is archived.

As you may recall, if you are a true patron of the cinema, Mr. Depp played the part of Hunter S. Thompson in the movie based on the book Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.
If you look at his black tie in this photo you will notice a pin of some sort. Suffice it to say IT'S VERY PERSONAL! And not a mention of this has been made by the Hollywood, Entertainment, Star's Are Us Media!
Myself?...I believe this is a significant story and wished like hell I had been there to ask Mr. Depp of his thoughts at that time.
Whoever the reporter was who asked Mr. Depp where he obtained his dashing garment WITH BLACK LAPELS must have been lacking in PERCEPTIVENESS. (did I make that word up just now?) Not to follow his answer up with a question as to what the decor adorning his tie was or EVEN HOW MUCH IT COST OR WAS MADE OF was most lacking in the spirit of OSCAR NIGHT STYLE REPORTING.

I can not, by my very nature, reveal what the full story is. You must click on Ms. Odelay's Link to discover the depth and breadth of this story.

As for Chris Rock and the Show itself? I really thought it was horribly boring and not funny in the least. How I stayed awake...well I was playing my guitar through the whole thing, so that's how I stayed awake.

Mr. Scorcese? Hmmmm...What in the hell has he done to be snubbed all these years? Some epic movies, yes I can see him losing there, but three times losing to some average, and in this case a movie I won't be viewing, pictogram sends me a message. All night I waited to watch him receive this award (Figuring what the competition was this year, or lack there of) and lo and behold they shafted him again.
I'm just very glad Mr. Scorcese loves what he does and will continue directing masterful works of cinema!

Now...Hillary Swank. The way I've been hearing and reading it I was believing this was a girl who dropped out of high school, lived in a trailer park and this was her first movie let alone Oscar nomination. That's how hard this story line has been pounded around this area. I kept thinking I had heard the name before. That this couldn't be true. But, simple me, who forgot all about that movie she WON AN OSCAR FOR called "Boys Don't Cry." Another movie, alas, Swank was in I didn't even remember let alone have a desire to see it.
So I have to say when that faux, educated, upper class, not-to-sexy-but-sexy-enough voice-over of each award winner gave the stats on this winner I felt betrayed and lied to. "I'm just a girl from a trailer park" she stated. YUP...That was the build up story for these past two months. Good show, dear!


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