Saturday, January 22, 2005


President Bush says, and loads of folks actually believe this, that America will only be safe when the rest of the world is "free."
Open your eyes to this tidbit; Al Queda and all the other Isms who have been attacking Americans HAD BEEN attacking United States bases and men and women who were IN THEIR country. Who were ON THEIR HOLY SOIL.
Now...In 1991 George Bush Sr. sent American troops to Iraq and Saudi Arabia to "liberate" a city sized country (maybe even made out of gold and precious gems) called Kuwait.
This was the opening of the door to our horrendous incidents HERE IN AMERICA these past few years.
That was 1991. We set "infidel" American, armed services boots on the sands of their God and exacted war upon it.
Until then America, itself, was never attacked. Then, and alot of folks forget this, the army of Allah drove a van into the basement of the World Trade Center and set of an enormous, devastating explosion which killed and maimed hundreds of people. All different people too. Not just Americans. But it was here that America's heart was deemed to be located. This happened in 1993. The FIRST ATTACK on American soil. See any revelance yet?
Then...September 11, 2001. After planning, I don't think has been done since the D-Day Invasion, they finally struck the heart of our country.
All AFTER 1991.
In Viet Nam all Ho Chi Minh and the people wanted was their country back. It had been divided in two by a couple of different countries prior to our attempt to "liberate" them from something we said was evil there and keep America safe.
In this case, I believe, the people want their God, Allah, and their way of life left be and for the United States to get our "democracy and freedom" the hell out of the area!


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