Friday, December 17, 2004

Result #2 - 2nd Venue Played

Well OK now! I was asked to play for an extended period tonight and when I finished? Steady gig each Thursday at this bar/restaurant! Again, a great audience. Although a few were a bit lit, approaching my area while I was in mid-song carrying on showing me how they could guzzle the beers from their mugs (2 good guys) while I was doing Up On Cripple Creek. To make it a bit clearer the last line of the chorus is "a drunkard's dream if I ever did see one". So the lads were having some fun with that.
Managment and hosts and the rest of the crowd were, like Tuesday night, FANTASTIC!
A venue more suited to my style. Although, if they call, I'll surely play the other club too. But this isn't a POWER CLUB, RATTLE YER BONES type club.
Tonight, I know, was the right kind of place. And I wasn't too freakin' thrilled when the owner said "see ya next Thursday!" He requested a song and I just happened to mumble I had planned on closing with something more upbeat when he said "OK...Go ahead and play what you had set and you can play it for me next week." SUUURE...I'm not gonna play it. It happened to be one of the "nearest" tunes to me and I told him I'de go ahead and play it now. Everyone was pleased. me too. (The tune was "Operator" by Jim Croce) I was surprised, earlier, at the response I got for Jerry Jeff Walker's "Mr. Bojangles." There had been a smattering of applause after a couple of the upbeat tunes I played but when I lightly strummed the last chord of Mr. Bojangles it was like every person in the house got touched. Something like that will put a solid brick in your building. After 30+ years of not performing it seems I'm embracing it better, with more professionalism and confidence than years ago. I wouldn't say much back then. I would just play and sing with an occassional intro as to the song title... hell now I'm telling stories about occasional songs I'm doing and bantering with the folks.
I have no bloody idea what has come over me but man is it good!

Goodnight and Goodday


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