Monday, December 06, 2004

Tuesday 12.07.04 - Do Or Flop!

Tonight at 8PM I will be at one of the largest clubs in the city for "Open Mic Night." My PA system arrived today courtesy of Musicians Friend and I just finished aquainting myself with it and it's GREAT! Gives me a big boost, hearing what I souund like through a professional sound system. I had doubts about showing up but now I'm full-tilt, all out ready to show up and play from the stage! it's been a long, blank, soundless, unfullfilling road until now.
I wont be using my PA system. This club has one of the best. I don't need mine tonight. Hoping this opens channels into being hired for gigs all about.
Matter of fact I'm giving my return a name...Bill Dyckns
The 30 Years 2 L8 Tour.

I've accumulated a concerts worth (90 minutes) of material and am happy to play any one of the songs on my playlist. (Sometimes ya have a song ya do but ya don't feel comfortable with it and don't fully enjoy performing it).
Wednesday I have another date at a smaller, more intimate venue.
Here's to the unknown! I'll report back witchever way it turns out.


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