Friday, December 03, 2004

Careful Where You Put That Extra Dirt!

I heard news today, the wireless-over-the-air-thru-the ether kind, that a proper home owner had removed some dirt and sod and paved his driveway. Not interesting yet huh?
After paving the driveway there was a fair amount of dirt left just sitting there. So this industrious homeowner decided to load it in his pick up and truck it on over to a nearby forest for disposal.
Now this was fine dirt, mind you. Not contaminated in any way. Not even "chunky dirt." You know, with Fido's feces, stones and pebbles, acorns and such. Pure, plant-your-lips-on-the-food-that-grows-from-it-dirt!
So he gets a friend, loads some rakes and shovels onto the truck and heads for the great outdoors to, more or less, aid Mother Nature with a gift of extra dirt for Her forest.
The good fellow and his mate dumped the dirt in the local forest area. Going so far as to rake the gifted dirt smoothly throughout the area so to blend in with the natural landscape of the wonderful forest they were vitalising. Not just leaving a huge pile of dirt there protruding from the forest floor making the forest look ungainly in that particular area.
I tell ya these gents were mindful of what they were about. and God bless 'em!
They didn't get outta there safe though. Oh?...They're alright, physically and all. It's just that the FED'S somehow got wind of the good act they were performing and swooped in and arrested 'em! Yup. Arrested 'em.
A note to all who dare attempt any serendipitous act in the forest;
Alas, first the poor owners of NUTKIN arrested for having NUTKIN while a bullet ridden dear lie at their feet and now two gent's arrested for dumping dirt (and spreading it nicely about) in the forest.
Is it me or am I still crazy?


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