Saturday, January 08, 2005


I just am having a hard time handling the fact DAVE BARRY has retired his column!
Someone, long ago, told a young, funny, sensitive DAVE BARRY that he "used to be funnier."
NOW, after lightening me up once a week for about a decade, I think someone said it to him again and he relly believes he's not funny OR humorous anymore!
DAVE...I love ya and miss ya man! Screw those "Herald" folk and editors and what-not and get back on the typewriter PLEASE!
I have to say I was blown outta me sox when I saw that "Topic" headline on your last column! I kept waiting for the "turn" but deep down I knew ya really meant it chum.

Looking forward to that "Special Project" in the future that you maybe, might, possibly write and publish in the future.

Really missing you DAVE BARRY. Good fortune to you and that wild, animal type, zoo friendly family you have!

And thanks for the card, man. That blew me away too.

Don't get fat now, ok?

Regards To You And Yourn!


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