Friday, December 24, 2004

The Show Went On!

Last night the house was full and I was sick as a dog. No...I couldn't come up with anything better than that analogy.
I came THIS CLOSE to calling Paul to say I was breaking out from a soap suds reaction along with suffering aches and pains, runny nose and ringing ears from a cold my little grandaughter Jenna appears to have passed on to me for these Christmas holidays and I wouldn't be able to perform.
Well...I thought about that and I only "hit it" last week. So I figured I HAD TO GO!
Great thing that I did. I had a stroke of luck and a bit of creativity hit me about four days ago and I wrote a pretty damn good "hammering string"-moderate type blues song. A factual song about me. And I shocked the hell outta myself coming up with this great music too. I caught myself humming it in the shower and I really, really, really, really think that's a good thing. Anyway; I told everyone to give me a "heads up" on how they liked it and I actually played it. words for the feeling that went through me when they responded. And a young gal outside actually said, as I was leaving, "That song rocks!" Well what more good news than a younger generation thinking a song I wrote "rocked?" None, really. Except for the fact I ended my set with John Denver's Country Roads having to sing acapella, (whatever it means to sing without music) bringing my hands together above my head to drag everyone's "hidden fun" out where everyone could clap, sing and enjoy!
It went over great and I dropped back for one last chorus playing and singing and everyone enjoying a bit of "abandon" and hit the last chord and WISHED ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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