Friday, February 11, 2005


Thank you ABC News and Peter Jenning's, always the "Revisionist Historian of America History from Canada." Mr. Jennings thought it was of utmost import to report and display video of UN workers, in their God-for-saken assignments, dirt and dust and poverty and high percentage area's for a bullet from thin air, being shown breaking those Ole squad rules of CURFEW and going to PARTY WITH, Jenning's used the term, PROSTITUTES! Better than "hookers", "skags", "street hawker's" or "slut's" I guess.
I just sat there, my mouth slightly open, in stunned amazement waiting for the BIG PUNCH to the story i.e. "This caused a devasting outbreak of the clap" or "And now the clap is coming to America because of this" or "Al Queda inserted a clap-like device due to this misconduct." But no...Mr. Jenning's was just showing and letting us all know that these UN Workers WERE NOT FOLLOWING PROCEDURE. I don't know, maybe it's me, I DIDN'T CARE. It's a tough job in a drab, dangerous area with not the best conveniences. LEAVE THESE TYPE'S OF THINGS ALONE!
(Hidden camera report, it was)

Now on the Local News Front: Yesterday I saw and heard a reporter on a local Philadelphia News TV Network report that in IRAQ a group of "MASKED MEN STORMED A MERCHANT'S SHOP AND OPENED FIRE." The reporter went on to say "THERE WAS NO MOTIVE KNOWN FOR THE VIOLENCE. THE GUNMEN WERE NOT IDENTIFIED." "Masked men?" "Motive?" Is it me or has the "Gang Of Three In D.C." spread the word to stop using the term "insurgent's" or "terrorist's" in the reporting on news from IRAQ and to use "democratic" terms ("since there's been a democratice election") like "MASKED MEN", "GUN MEN" and the like? It's no longer war. It is now felony theft.
And folks?...Next time Rice, Rumsfeld, Bush or (alas) Powell start using terms like "mushroom cloud", "threat to America", Kazillions of nuclear missles, "mobile nuclear producing labs", Bababillion tons of toxic gas about cities in the desert DON'T GET SO FREAKED OUT! I was hear for a REAL threat and, maybe it's me, but The Cuban/USSR crisis in no way made me want to hide in the cellar or start an illegal, never-in-the-history-of-The United States Of America-against-all-America-was-based-on-and-stands-for launch a Pre-Emptive war. Use your senses people. Do research. Make an informed decision based on fact not lies, assumptions and "asylum seeking folks" who will say what you want to hear.

On the "Beauty and success" of that thing being called an election last month in IRAQ: Hey! Saddam Hussien had been keeping everyone who voted under a tight rein during his term as "Leader For Life." Everyone who voted is the MAJORITY ISM in IRAQ and I believe a whole segment of the population, THE SUNNI's, DID NOT VOTE. I do believe, if I recall correctly, THE SUNNI's had a relatively more powerful position in the old days. Lord-only-knows how many other groups DID NOT VOTE or are meekly submiting to the POWER'S THAT BE.
No. I didn't see it as a "beautiful thing". One person I've read, Ptiza Odelay was castigating Saudi Arabia because women can not vote there but they can in Iraq, appearing to agree on the "sucess" of the "election". But, I believe, failed to notice NOT EVERYONE VOTED IN IRAQ. Not to mention the American Troops dying there in increasing numbers for, I believe, is developing into a "puppet government." If not that, a government which is going to be highly biased toward a large number of sect's, Ism's and folk.
It's a country of Peoples who live for a large variety of belief's they have been warring over since and prior to the days of Solomon And Sheba and Alexander The Great!

On the My Life front: I have a fifty song playlist now and have been appearing weekly in two counties. I have also written two songs, which I've received positive feedback on, that I am now working up a "stake" to record "demo's" for.
Who knows, maybe someday YOU will be writing embarassing, tell-all, critical posts about ME! hahahaha Yeah...Sure


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