Friday, January 28, 2005


I just watched some video of a young boy in OCALA, FLA who, along with a friend of his, vented his feelings in a crayon, stick figure drawing while in school. The kid, you can tell, is a good kid. His father also appears to be a good father and he's PISSED OFF, AS WELL HE SHOULD BE!
The story goes; This boy and a friend of his were being bullied by another boy in school. As a guy, I know, this can be frustrating and also stressful. So the boy, while sitting in a class, began venting some of his anger and frustration with his crayons by drawing a stick figure picture (not a very good one either) of a "stick guy" in the middle of two other "stick guys". Now the two "other stick guys" had badly drawn stick swords and they were cross-sectioning, so to speak, the "stick guy" in the middle (The Bully).
"Stick guy" in the middle had a red crayon circle around where "stick guy" was standing. This, the reporter said, represented "blood".
OOOoooo!!!! I used to draw scenes of the Alamo and Mexicans and Texans being blown, stabbed, shot and pierced with all kinds of weapons. I also did Indian War themes and Moby Dick themes and Viking themes...Oh man...the list goes on.
I'm happy as a lark that I'm not a kid today or I'de be in prison for life for that by the looks of what they're putting this poor kid through!
I don't know who the hell saw it and became "Homeland Security Hero Of The day" but they saw it and dragged the kid into the office, called the police and I believe the FEDS even are involved. An officer of the law, who appeared very intent and concerned about this, provided a glimpse of the EVIDENCE BAG WITH A TORN PIECE OF CONSTRUCTION PAPER IN IT WITH THE "DANGER...DANGER... WILL ROBINSON" DRAWING IN IT!The kid is gonna be TRAUMATISED BY THIS, I KNOW IT! You can see it in the video. I was dyin' watching this kid answer MEDIA's stupid fucking questions i.e. "Have you learned anything from this?" and him there, with his head bowed a bit, shy, awkward, nodding his head and saying "yeah"...where upon another question came firing out of the mouth of this brave, cut to the chase, I'm always at the scene of a crime to report it after it happens reporter!!
Christ help us! It's not only in OCALA, FLA...Three sisters were arrested in a mall in Wilmington, De over Christmas holidays for walking through the mall with sweatshirts that read "NO SHOPPING DAY". This is something they have done for the past few years, protesting the commercialisation of Christmastime. I believe they also handed out a printed sheet of paper with their message on it. The Mall (Christiana Mall in Christiana, DE, evicted them from the premises and when they got to the parking lot (see?..they left when asked) the STAtE POLICE OFFICERS who were pulling some off duty, extra pay security work CUFFED 'EM and TOOK 'EM IN!
Which I don't even think is legal if they're OFF DUTY AND MAKING EXTRA MONEY for over-expenditures...IS IT?
OOOHHH??!!! And any time someone sees a box, bag, carton or briefcase or the like just sitting on the ground or wherever now-a-days FREAK OUT and they call the police, FEDS and firemen instead of checking to see if whatever it is belongs to somebody, as I have done many times. YES...EVEN SINCE 9/11 when everyone acted as if we were being invaded by hundreds of thousands of Arabs with ill intent!
It's getting pretty fuckin' ragged in this country when it comes to it's citizenry!!Aaah...screw it if I spelled it wrong. I really feel for that kid and his pal in OCALA and all the other folks getting lambasted in these freakin', God for saken scared as shit cities, towns and villages across America.
I FORGOT TO MENTION BOTH THE LADS WERE CUFFED, ARRESTED AND CHARGED AS FELON'S. If convicted, which these days seems likely, these two youngun's will be marked as FELON'S FOR LIFE! All because they, in their own artistic manner, vented some anger in crayon and construction paper in school!!!!


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