Sunday, January 23, 2005

Goodnight Johnny Carson...Thank You

Photo credit CNN, GFX, Associated Press

It was a stunning moment when I powered up and saw that Johnny Carson had died today.
Johnny's last show, with Bette Midler's fine, fine presence that night, has been playing in my mind daily and will continue to do so. The one "snag" in that thought, as it replays in my heart, will be the fact Johnny Carson will not be coming back in a "special" as I had been hoping and waiting all these years.
I have a copy of the Special Release Of Past Carson Shows and was suprised to see that what I thought was one of the funniest moments on his show was not included. I tell folks about it whenever the occasion arrises. Sometimes it gets a full, well deserved laugh but most times it's one of those "you had to be there" type reactions.
The Moment was during one of Johnny's "Carnac The Magnificent" skits.
For those not familiar with this it's a skit where Johnny, as "Carnac," an all seeing and knowing sayer of the sooth, puts an enevelope to his forehead, thinks a moment, then gives "The Answer".
Then "Carnac" opens the envelope, pulls a card from it and reads the question for which ""Carnac" had just given the answer.
This is what I believe was the funniest moment. The joke, literally, made me fall out of my chair laughing, bringing tears to my eyes; The envelope is handed to "Carnac" where upon he places the envelope to his forehead, and don't forget that big sombrero, turban whatever he wore, and "Carnac" reveals the "answer" to the quetion in the envelope. Also, before all the magic takes place, a disclaimer is stated that "Carnac" has NOT SEEN OR BEEN NEAR THE ENVELOPES OR QUESTIONS prior to him receiving it at that moment! It is let be known that the questions were kept in a mayonaise jar on Funk & Wagnell's porch until the very moment of delivery to Carnac The Magnificent!

This was the answer; "Sisssssss Boom Baahhh."

This was the question; "What's the sound of a sheep exploding?"

See? Ya had to be there.


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