Friday, April 22, 2005


I read where GEORGE MICHAEL stated he is retiring from recording more pop songs. He stated "People don't want to hear about politics or important issues anymore". It's a DAMN SAD CASE BUT IT'S TRUE! And take a look around kiddies too...Rights have been taken away from the private individual by the bucket loads lately! There has been a steady dismantling of everything gained in the 60s and 70s to the point people are SCREAMING GIVE US MORE LAWS!...PROTECT US!...COME INTO OUR HOMES AND JUST RUN OUR LIVES FOR US!
for example...a rash of car accidents with 16 year old drivers...RAISE THE DRIVING AGE!!! Oh yeah...that's sweet...THAT will work. As if AGE HAS ANY DAMN THING TO DO WITH DRIVING AND SAFETY ...Not to mention the fact THAT"S ALL PEOPLE SEE...THE AGE...READ THE DETAILS...Ya might find out some 30 something ran a stop sign, swerved...or it was just a plain accident...And I don't care if the 16 something was drinking...YOU CAN'T RAISE THE AGE BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL AGE ARE YOU GOING TO RAISE IT TO?? Everyday I see 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+ cracking up with a bellyfull of high roller alcahol. Better the alcahol the more it's to be overlooked? Beer drinking teens are different than that? And I just gotta say I love reading the "music news" now-a-days...It's oh?....It's damn well sad is what it is along with all the unfortunate youngn's falling like stones from the sky for their minds can't be too taxed...What the hell is it going to like when 20 years go by? They gonna hip hop and strut through their chosen endeavour with an empty, bass-in-the-brain thumping head making wise choices about ....well will they know what to make a choice about?

And folks.....Local governments across this great land are TAKING PEOPLES LAND using the "Eminent Domain" of the 5th Admendment in an abusive, subversive, heartless and down right ILLEGAL Manner!! AND the U. S. Government is turning a blind eye to it all. A mayor and city council get with a 5 million dollar businessman who wants to build high end markets and offices and the local governments CONDEMN THE HOMES ON THE PROPERTY THEY WANT AND GIVE IT TO HIM!! When it happens to you you wont be asking for more'll be begging for help because THEY ARE RUTHLESS and IT IS HAPPENING!

GEORGE MICHAEL?...I know how ya feel, Man!...But I'm hangin' with it. Sit, have a Pepsi then get back to writing and singing what's going on.
That's what my "The Ballad Of Jenny Kelo" is about....The above officials and businessmen landgrabbing in the old west style of railroad building.

SEE FOR YOURSELF; The Institute of Justice. The finest group of people you would ever want to meet fighting the good fight! And notice at the United States Supreme Court only print media are there. I couldn't find a damn television crew in any of the photos!

"And I'm gonna go there free...I'm a fool and I'll always be. I've got a dream, I've got a dream. They can CHANGE THEIR MINDS BUT THEY CAN'T CHANGE ME. I've got a dream, I've got a dream." (Jim Croce)


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