Saturday, March 26, 2005


I'll be changing the address of this blog site soon due to my recent recording of a CD. Recorded it yesterday and did two songs. It took about 4 and a half hours and I gotta tell ya it ain't no cakewalk in the studio. One strike against me was the fact I booked the studio for 1PM. Thinkng I could get some sleep when I got home from my "pay the bills" job at 8AM. Cutting it short...I did the session with only 2 hours sleep. But sleep or no sleep it is a strain on ya mentally and physically. But I had a GREAT soundboard man and a keyboardist extraordinare. The finished CD, I believe, is "air-play" ready. So soon as I get the CD's with packaging and mailed out to those concerned I will be posting those two tracks on a blog directed towards my music endeavour. And any pertinent news and "bios's" etc. Ya know? A Bill Dyckns uhh...Spears, ya know?

Bill Dyckns - Post Recording (c)2005 Bill Dyckns
Thanks FLICKR.

I was still feeling kinda beat today and it provided an impetus to write another song. Whew...One of the darkest songs I've ever written. Taking into account , of course, all this inspiration to play and write again just hit me in November.
Well...That's the name of that tune. I really wish I could post the songs now. They have been copyrighted and all but I want some CD's in the right hands before I go posting 'em on the WWW.

I guess I can give ya the title of the Demo CD going out; On the front A picture of me (TaDa) My name and song titles. On the Back Credits.
Bill Dyckns
The Finest Craft
Featuring The Ballad Of Jenny Kelo

Keyboards Exraordinare: Jeff Knoettner
Soundboard Guru: Glenn Miller

Special Thanks To Bruce And Jackie
For Their Support And Confidence

See ya all later.

OH?...The song I wrote today is titled Bad Luck


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