Saturday, March 26, 2005


I'll be changing the address of this blog site soon due to my recent recording of a CD. Recorded it yesterday and did two songs. It took about 4 and a half hours and I gotta tell ya it ain't no cakewalk in the studio. One strike against me was the fact I booked the studio for 1PM. Thinkng I could get some sleep when I got home from my "pay the bills" job at 8AM. Cutting it short...I did the session with only 2 hours sleep. But sleep or no sleep it is a strain on ya mentally and physically. But I had a GREAT soundboard man and a keyboardist extraordinare. The finished CD, I believe, is "air-play" ready. So soon as I get the CD's with packaging and mailed out to those concerned I will be posting those two tracks on a blog directed towards my music endeavour. And any pertinent news and "bios's" etc. Ya know? A Bill Dyckns uhh...Spears, ya know?

Bill Dyckns - Post Recording (c)2005 Bill Dyckns
Thanks FLICKR.

I was still feeling kinda beat today and it provided an impetus to write another song. Whew...One of the darkest songs I've ever written. Taking into account , of course, all this inspiration to play and write again just hit me in November.
Well...That's the name of that tune. I really wish I could post the songs now. They have been copyrighted and all but I want some CD's in the right hands before I go posting 'em on the WWW.

I guess I can give ya the title of the Demo CD going out; On the front A picture of me (TaDa) My name and song titles. On the Back Credits.
Bill Dyckns
The Finest Craft
Featuring The Ballad Of Jenny Kelo

Keyboards Exraordinare: Jeff Knoettner
Soundboard Guru: Glenn Miller

Special Thanks To Bruce And Jackie
For Their Support And Confidence

See ya all later.

OH?...The song I wrote today is titled Bad Luck

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I really tried to join the Nerd Club. I was put in a funk by my score.

I am nerdier than 7% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Are you nerdier than I?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Simonetti...My Support For Journalspace Users

This is a letter to the editor I just fired off. An article in my newspaper with TWO pictures of Simonetti and a sorry story of people being fired due to their blogs:

In regards to the AP writer Anick Jesdanun's article you ran, Blogger's Beware, a real lack of totality of information smacked me in the face.
It's in relation to Ellen Simonetti who was portrayed as kind of a victim, from the quotes you allowed, as being fired from her job with Delta Airlines.

At present thousands of bloggers who use "Journalspace", the same as Ms. Simonetti uses for blogging, are complaining because she literally shuts the system down due to the thousands of hits coming into her blog site. She refuses to get her own domain. Not to mention the fact that in the article no mention was made that her blog was discovered because she wanted Delta to endorse and pay her for the photo's she posted with Delta uniform and logo's.

She is also suing Delta in court for damages. Clearly she tried to hustle Delta Airlines for cash. So please...A little more in-depth background on a story such as this.

Best Regards,


Friday, March 11, 2005


Here's a, I believe, really good dancer! Also, I believe, a Cadet at our Air Force Academy. I know you'll really enjoy this candid video his roomie made;
The Dancer Who feels he NEEDS To Dance In Secret!

To subcribe just e-mail:
Courtesy of B3TA. A downright outta sight newsletter from me 'Omeland of yore!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Civilians - War You Have NO IDEA!

OK...This is to everyone thinking the United States Military did something terribly wrong or unjust or unusual in this case of Giuliana Sgrena, who was wounded and her escort killed and drivers wounded, in Iraq. LISTEN UP!!;
I was stunned to hear the news myself. But when I heard how it developed it was clear to me what happened and I didn't appreciate, in the least, the comments Sra. Sgrena had made as to our American Forces being "angry" at Spain, shooting the vehicle up in retaliation. What's this woman think? This is the playground of her journalism school?
This is how it is IN A WAR ZONE! Here is MY PERSONAL STORY (And, yes, ignorance did have something to do with it);

I was in Viet Nam and I was to take a fellow soldier to the airport in Saigon to catch a plane for his R&R. (I have related this story in a past post) It's a short-long story why, but we didn't get the OK to leave until it was well into the NIGHT.
OK...It's me driving, the R&R guy in the back of the jeep and my "shotgun", another soldier, sitting next to me.
Now I'm already thinking someone wants us killed sending us out at night like that but the guy had to get his plane and the fool who had to give the OK waited until dark. You make the descision on what he was up to.
ANYWAY...For some reason I want to drive very fast. Thinking, somehow, this will be safer and more strategic. Making the vehicle a tough target. HA HA HA. Silly me huh?
So I'm flying down Highway One and there's a bridge up ahead. The good ol' Newport Bridge, which was being blown up..oh say..once every two months. At this bridge were soldiers. I thought Americans but they turned out to be the Republic of Viet Nam guys acting like soldiers that night.
So we're barreling down the road doing my strategic, life saving, life extending, we aint gonna get hit fast as we can go in a jeep thing when all of a sudden (I forget his name *sigh*) the guy we're taking to the airport YELLS AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS "SLOW DOWN!!!!". Instinct, I guess, made me yell back "what the fuck for? It's our guys up there!" Which he replied SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!! YA WANNA GET US KILLED?!"
So I slowed down. Just in time too. because, ya see, these guys at the bridge were taking "offensive posture". ALL OF EM! In this I am saying weapons were being raised and men, who were standing and smoking, were now taking positions to FIRE AT US!
We looked in NO WAY like the enemy. Clearly GI's. American Jeep. American Soldiers in American Uniforms but the ARVN's could IN NO WAY BE SURE OF THAT.
As my luck would have had it, and I did have a ton of it, the guy going on R&R was doing his second tour in NAM and KNEW THE RULE TO SLOW DOWN WHEN APPROACHING ARMED SOLDIERS!
SEE?...I was IGNORANT of this rule. No one told me THAT particular piece of strategy UNTIL THAT VERY MOMENT!
If I had been with some one who didn't know that, I would most likely be dead or crippled or worse today because that Jeep would have been SPRAYED WITH M-16 Fire and M-50 Machine Gun fire. Maybe even a rocket too.
So I say to you Great People Of Spain And Italy..."IT WAS NOT ITALIAN'S OR SPANISH FOLKS THAT WERE BEING FIRED AT. It was a speeding vehicle in the night. And A speeding vehicle in the night in a WAR ZONE is usually not a good sign. It usually means Something or some one is going to be shot, blown up and put to shreds.
It's a good thing the TROOPS were told to fire as they did. because 36 years ago there would have been nothing left of that vehicle and little left of the people in it.
I'm sorry for the loss of the Negotiator, Nicola Calipari. Truly, I am! And of the wounding of the Aides and especially the hostage, Giuliana Sgrena. Who had been held in terrifying circumstances for so long with threat of death daily having to suffer through the elation of being freed to the nadir of a terrible accident. And yes...I believe it was due to what might have killed me. IGNORANCE of War Zone Procedures.
God be with Nicola and may God bless Sra. Sgrena and the two Aides.