Thursday, September 30, 2004

Well Some North Korean's Movin'!

If you read an earlier post RE:North Korea's nuclear arms move you will see here it appears to be having an effect on North Korean's themselves.
Today, hundreds of North Korean men, women and children stormed the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China. Making a plea for immunity and to not be sent back to North Korea these people scaled fences that had quite sharp, pointed steel rods at the top of the fence along with the usual curved, pointed deterrents of the upright fence rails. Some wore hard hats and construction vests to disguise themselves so that they could get close to the embassy for their plea for freedom. Keep alert people. 9/11 could very well have been the beginning of a slow developing world crises. Much worse than the terror going on today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Timing Is Everything?

I see John Walker Lindh is asking that his prison sentence be commuted. This, as has been the case lately, sparked the synapses in my brain, making my thoughts see a kaleidoscopic effect of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam and John Lindh in
alter universe effects.
I'm fairly certain John Lindh had no idea of what happened in New York City on 09.11.01. Lindh was in the dirt, mud and expanses of Afghanistan and without a cell phone, no less! I believe this was a man who converted to a belief system and entered into his beliefs whole heartedly. I believe, as he states, John Lindh was involved in a local civil war, events centered around the general chaos going on in Afghanistan and he was in no way involved with bringing down America or acting as a world wide terrorist.
Unlike Yusuf Islam, and fortunately for him prior to 9/11, who called for a mans death because this man wrote a book. Who also converted to a similar theism and participated in this new found life by supplying large sums of cash to various groups within his new found life. All with relative safety from the United States imprisoning him. Why was Yusuf Islam not collected and jailed? Because John Lindh happened to be caught in his own adopted land fighting for his beliefs. Lindh had been totally unheard from by the American public, press or government. Yusuf Islam, on the other hand, had (prior to 9/11) been keeping a large profile and making threatening remarks and accusations in relative safety. Only being named among those who are blocked from flying into the United States, I'm assuming Yusaf Islam is allowed to float into the U.S. on a ship and wander about this land at will.
I say let this John Lindh be released. Many, more suspect, captives have been released from prison. I believe John Lindh has been put away and is being ignored because he was a "soldier."
Meanwhile, we can watch Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam be pampered, dabbed with make-up and generally be treated as a misunderstood musician of the 60s. While the thousands of dollars Islam "donated" continues to propel the barbarity which is far from where Yusuf Islam places his person.

Mumble, Mumble, Mumble

I noticed tonight ABC's 20/20, Primetime or whatever zine-show they're showing Thursday 9/30 or Friday 10/01, is going to showcase Yusaf Islam aka Cat Stevens. From the clip it sure appears they're going to be stroking Yusaf's ego in a very, very opulent setting. I Don't Get It! America is going to be treated to Islam's meanderings of being so misunderstood. Happily being prodded by Dianne Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. And I'm sure the Heart of America will melt and say "how cruel" and ask Cat Stevens to sing "Moon Shadow". Forgetting, completely, that Cat/Yusaf called for the death of author Salmon Rushdie and thatYusaf/Cat morphed into an extreme theism which prompted Yusaf's call for murder.
Buy the way...I just have to tell you something I saw and heard Charlie Gibson say on air. Gibson, on occasion, sits in for Peter Jennings reporting "hard" news. It was a a year ago, again, with Diane Sawer on Good Morning America. The royal lads, Prince William and Harry of Wales had been in the tabloids for being seen having a pint, a scrap or the like and Ms. Sawer was reporting on the high jinx when Charlie Gibson chuckled and said...are ya ready for this? Charlie Gibson, Network Anchor, said, and I quote, "Where was their mother while all this was going on?" If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'! Have to say, though, Dianne Sawer really rehabilitated the situation with aplomb!

Meanwhile, back before the Iraq War began, North Korea, I noticed, was conviently not being mentioned by President Bush as the drums of war were being pounded as Frazzled haired Kim Jong II was firing up his uranium rods and ranting about the USA invading his piece of ice cold property across the wide Pacific.
Then today I see Foriegn Minister Choe Su Hon made it known to the U.N. and the world that North Korea now has nuclear capabilities. This, said Choe, was to insure his piece of frozen dirt is secure from the invasion he is certain will be coming from the east.
NOW...The U.N. or whoever asks a country a question like the question coming up didn't, as far as I could hear or see, get much of any public reaction from our hard news media. The question was Are the 8000 fuel rods weapons grade material or actual weapons? After a few words concerning the deterrent needed to protect his ice patch Choe said, "We declared that we weaponized this." Well. So much for that I guess. I watched the news and stories ranged from the war in Iraq to Hurricane Jeanne and why oil prices are going up. No word from President Bush, news anchors or even the couple of newspapers I read. I read an Associated Press report about it on the internet.
Oh?...And they held a jet-liner up because some woman found Arabic scibbled notes in a flight pamphlet. To me? It looks like the terrorists are winning. Americans are no longer living life the way it should. Things are breaking down folks. I'm keeping my eye on 200 million people in one country who any day might be led into hell and take us with them. Not freaking the hell out every time I see an Arab or Muslim.
Are you ready? I'm being followed by a moon shadow.

Monday, September 27, 2004

I Just Don't get The "Cat"!

I remember when Salmon Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses was released. The news of the reponse to the book back then wasn't fully appreciated or understood, as the state the world is in today attests to.
I recall the most intense news item, maybe the only way the story reached into homes of American families, was when the Ayatollah Khomieni of Iran put a 2 million dollar bounty on Mr. Rushdie's head and called for his death.
OK...That got my attention. But I must admit I had no concept of the "hidden" size of the unrest. It was titanic! I can say that now, because...well just look at what's happening in the world now.
Here's where I did get emotionally and intellectually involved. A singer back then, who made me wish all radio transmissions would cease for 5 minutes when one of his 2 or 3 hit records was on, named Cat Stevens, came out in support of Khomieni and actually said Rushdie should die. Quietly, to non-Cat follow-his-every-move music lovers, Cat Stevens had converted to Islam and had undergone a metamorphus unbeknownst to 99% of the Western World. Also he had changed his name to Yusuf Islam. Which, I have to tell ya, really made the Cat Stevens listening experience even more unbearable.
Here is where, I guess I should call him Yusuf Islam, stood in 1989: Islam fully supported the Ayatollah's declaration. Called a fatwa, it called for Rushdie's death and 2 million dollar bounty. Here is what Cat Stevens said at that time:
"The Qu'ran makes it clear if someone defames the Prophet, then he must die." Suffering through his songs "Moon Shadow", "Peace Train" and one called "Father And Son" absolutly stunned me when I heard this.
Well, now, I assumed I wouldn't have to listen to "Moon Shadow" or anything else by The Cat after that bomb shell.
But to my amazement, puzzlement, bewilderment, all the other "ments" I was all too aware that the media kept playing his music! In the 21st Century I would still hear "Moon Shadow" and was bewildered as to why he was still being "propped" with royalties from American broadcasting companies! Every time "Moon Shadow" would come over the airwaves I would actually get angry and frustrated at not having a way to ask these folks just what the hell they were doing. Don't they realise this man called for the death of another human being? For writing a BOOK, no less! But on it went. "Here's an oldie from WIMNUTZ, "Moon Shadow."
EVERY time it hit me in the heart, hard. When the media ignorance of the scope of this "artist's" stand on the order of humanity is so alien to the concept of the music being played and that these music programmers and radio station owners would continue, like sheep, playing this drivel. Drivel of a self professed believer in the killing of a person for writing what that person believed!

And here he is again! Speaking with his British accent, wooing the "journalists" with his declarations of being misunderstood! That he really didn't "say" it per se. That it's written in the Qu'aran. He said it! And he meant it!
Where do you think these royalties went? I believe to finance the fatwa. Israel says he donates thousands to Hamas and God knows what other groups. Tonight, September 27, 2004, Peter Jennings, again I believe, not fully understanding America, profiled him on ABC News Report in a conciliatory manner in relatonship to his being taken off a jet-liner heading for the United States. As if the United States Government were acting like the keystone kops. I JUST DON'T GET IT!
Sure, Yusuf Islam gives royalties to charity. Al Capone and John Gotti gave thousands and thousands of dollars to charity. This makes him ok?, safe to trust?, with what's going on today?
Yusuf Islam has been denied entry to Israel! I wonder why. Check out the Senate hearings he was involved with in the 90s and you can read his quotes of how evil The Jews are. Israel is very aware of who's a threat. Here in America? Why our media say [sic]Come on in and sing "Moon Shadow" for us.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Disturbing Things Do Happen! - Reprise

Keep an eye out if you read The Chicago Tribune's syndicated column by Dave Barry! Mr. Barry may find enough humour in this to LAY IT OUT THERE!

Disturbing Things Do Happen!

Well!...I guess I've been told off, huh? I submitted Blog Of Fire & Heart! to Disturbing Search Results last week. Due to not fully understanding their format I was banned by the webmaster Kevin.
Last night, before leaving for work around 10PM, I re-upped, so to speak, read and sampled some links and saw one was to place a "humorous, odd, interesting or disturbing" sort of post. So I sign up, place a headline about numbers do lie (when we're told they don't) and entered my blog address. OK...So far I thought I was a good lad. Keeping with the standards and all that. Even put their link on my blog.
While at work I think to meself...I says to meself...(yeah I actually, out loud, say to myself "I should put the address to that specific post in there, instead of the whole blog address, because no-one's gonna be able to find it!"
I get home this morning about 7:15AM and fire up the world control center and, first, check my e-mail. Here it starts to go downhill. And I run those words together because that's how fast it went downhill.
I open an e-mail from Kevin (he's the yea and nay sayer for "Search") and I mean to tell ya he let's me know, in no uncertain terms, what a fool and terrible sneak I am.
When I clicked on the link to this "Disturbing Search Site" I see he has made a note to all that come that I tried this once before and was banned (when I didn't know what I was doing)[this isn't mentioned by Kevin. That I'm stupid sometimes] and I just tried it again! So it's obvious, and without question I am doing this purposely! Setting me, as an example for all to fear if they should try to be stupid too!
It informs everyone who views this that he sent an informative, detailed e-mail to me and I still thought I could get away with it.
It's even on GOOGLE SEARCH.
I did write to tell this chap I did receive his e-mail, At 7AM Sunday Morning
This is what is on the Disturbing Search Site:

Bill Dyckns said on 9/25/2004; 4:42:42 PM:
Were you told numbers never lie? Here's proof they do!
(You just blew your second chance. Did you even read my email response? -- Kevin)
the search request found in Bill Dyckns's log files on 9/25/04; 5:43:14 PM.
Kevin said on 9/25/2004; 8:47:41 PM:
Explanation for other members: He wrote me to ask why he had been blocked from posting. I answered his question in detail and unblocked his account. Then he did the exact same thing again. I modified the url so it goes to the Blogspot homepage instead of his site, the rest is unchanged. Now there's little doubt it was intentional, but if he didn't get away with it the first time, what made him think he would this time?

And here it SHOWS THE WORLD, on GOOGLE yet, that Dyckns is BANNED,...With their web site's name above.
Here it is:
Disturbing Search Requests
... 34:26 AM. Blog Of Fire & Heart! (If you want to have your account unblocked,
you have to play by the rules. Thanks, Kevin) Discuss ... - 44k - Sep 24, 2004 - Cached - Similar pages .

At least he does say "Thanks." ~sigh~ BUT that is on GOOGLE from the First time I was banned!

What's a lad to do, hey?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

YOU PIG! Elton John's New Hit

I have to begin by saying I stopped listening to Elton John Oh...I guess when Bernie Taupin was no longer writing the lyrics for John. The blather filled, pulp like, "Is this a hit?" tracks he's been recording since "Yellow Brick Road" have been providing "white" noise for years now. I'de bet my blog, that at Elton John concerts the audience are all there to hear the 1971-1975 years he recorded. Well on to the POiNT! Seems Elton John has turned true Prima Donna.
Now, I'm sympathetic to the public personas being ganged on by paparazzi. And maybe the tragic death of Diana Princess of Wales brought back haunting memories to Elton John this day. But from what I saw on the video of this name calling, hate spewing incident I could only count 2 photographers and 4, maybe 6 reporters and/or hangers on. And this included the photographer who was filming the video I was watching! It was, mostly, an empty gateway John was exiting the airport through. It appeared there were more Elton John body guards & escorts than media. And you guys know how I feel about most of the "media". The John entourage appeared, now this is from the video, to out-number the one videographer, the cameraman taping the videographer/incident and the one person John was calling a pig. Maybe 3 or 4 other people were there too but I saw NO evidence of Elton John being crowded or pushed, as in the way you might think, from your past perception, of a true paparazzi attack. In the video coverage I saw 3, maybe 4 camera flash go off. Not exactly "The Attack Of The Paparazzi." It was eerie watching John, in a more or less empty gateway, acting like such a twit at about 3 AM in the morning. Standing there, behind his body guard, as he accused the Taiwanese of being rude and calling them pigs when so little was really going on.
Was it lack of sleep? Upset at not being paid to be video'ed? Or has Elton John just gotten fat and cranky and angry about all that money he spent for that hair of his?
Oh what a thing I do! Never in my dreams did I think I would ever speak ill of Elton John. And I'm not, really. I'm just pointing out the dissapointment I feel seeing certain troupadors of a revolutionary, we're gonna fix the world, all toghether HIP time, turning into old, bitter biddies.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Childrens Lit Writers Aren't
All A Happy Lot!

Credit Entertainment Weekly 09.24.04 Page 114 - Whitney Pastorek
And, of course, The Internet for research!

Better take a good look at that next kiddie lit writer you take your youngn' to see. Appears There's a few quality tomes out there but not being talked up all that much due to ..aahh...certain inconsistincies about the author's personal life.
First is Dorothy Kunhardt who wrote "Pat The Bunny". Seems Ms. Kunhardt was FORCED to write to support her family! Also she had quite an Intense relationship with her best friend, Kate, which, somehow, prevented her from being able to write an intelligible letter. She was ,too young, hospitalised for pneumonia. Which in reality had been a total nervous breakdown!
Second is Dare Wright (love that name) who penned the 1957s children's book "The Lonely Doll". Seems Dare (jeez I love that) was forced, by an overbearing mother, to stay eternally juvenile and ALSO had a Too intense relationship. But this was with her brother, Blaine, and out of this she was never able to find True Love. Dare Wright died, again, too young, due to just plain losing the will to live.
Third, And I think I've been snoopin' around too long, I'm gettin' depressed, was the sad Mary Lamb who co-authored the 1807s children's book Tales From Shakespeare! Along with writing Mary Lamb was forced to sew to upkeep the family. And Mary Lamb also had a Too intense relationship with HER brother Charles and after a few too many stays in asylums, which also prevented her from finding her True Love, Mary Lamb butchered her mother.
All together now...Oob La Di Oob La Da, Life Goes On Yeah!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Not To Be Named!

Here's something I thought was going to be REALLY amusing. Turns out it's a co-op adventure of three obnoxious twits with no...Let me say this...They have NO idea what humor is or where it's at! It's a list of names. I was looking for homonymns, anagrams, all those other nymns or something along the line of Bob White, ya know? Get the idea I THOUGHT it was going to be? One or two of the names are a stretch for a smile, if you really reach. Like for the sky when someone's holding you up. But, mostly, they're just regular names of folk. AND GET THIS!!! Ready?....Gonna get THIS?! The THREE TWITS don't put THEIR names on their work! I went straight to each "home" page and for these great seers of humor in people's names THEY don't let their's be known! Ain't that a gas?!

She Knew Me...But How?

We walked by the Kremlin, Anastasia and me, as she was telling me how much it must of hurt. I asked her, "how what hurt?". Anastasia grinned, a very, very rare, beautiful sight to behold, and proceeded to decribe, in detail, how the reaction to the chemicals were so painful. How the head and face swelled. So much so, that the eyes were but slits to peer through. She described the blistering and weeping of the scalp and the stinging pain which accompanied the constant ache of the head. I said "Anastasia, my love, is this what had happened to you?" Her eyes peered deeply into mine and she told me "No. That it was the color." The color of blood and death?, I asked. She said the attempt at the change to color. To color hair from a not so lightly grayed to a darker color. The skin would not permit this and reacted violently. So violently that a doctor and serious, strong medication was needed to quell the revolt the body was making or poisoning would have occured and possibly death. I asked her "Was this what happened to you?" Then suddenly I awoke. All I have told you is true. It was written. There for anyone to see. Some time has passed since that eerie day and I've grown to love this girl. I don't really know her. I think of her daily. Of how time can seem so misaligned that we did not meet when we could have shared times together. I don't know how this happened. How she described this thing and it appeared in writing. Only a very few people knew exactly what happened. Most thought it was because of a battle, a fight. But she exposed me completely and lovingly, I thought. Almost taking the burden upon herself. I had been exposed! v

Thursday, September 16, 2004


They say numbers, as in mathematics, do not lie. OK...Years ago a professor (this makes it sound impressive huh?) gave me this conundrum and it blew my mind!
NOW...after I reveal this mathematical challenge I MUST say you CAN NOT just say "I know it's there!" OK? I know it's there too. BUT...MATHEMATICALLY it CAN NOT be answered. Thus, TaDa, numbers do lie and here is the math problem I ask you to solve:
Three guys (or gals) enter a hotel. They ask the manager how much a room for the night would be. The manager says..."I'll give ya a deal, $30.00 for the lot of ya!" Pretty good deal. So each guy (or gal) puts in $10.00 each.
Now they give the manager the $30.00. Making it only $10.00 dollars from each guy (or gal) for the room and they go to their room. The manager realises the owner has a "special" this week and the room should go for only $25.00. The manager calls the bellboy over and gives him five one dollar bills and tells him to run it up to the 3 guys (or gals) who just came in and tell them of the error and give them the $5.00 back.
As the bellboy is climbing the stairs he thinks "These guys (or gals)(the bellboy knows if they're guys or gals. I have no idea.) won't know the difference. I'll give them $3.00 dollars back and keep $2.00 dollars for myself." So the bellboy pockets the $2.00 dollars.
The bellboy knocks on the door and tells the three guys (or gals)(which, of course, he knows if they're guys or gals) the manager made an error and due to a "special" on the room they should get $3.00 dollars back and hands them the remaining $3.00 dollars and leaves them happy, he's happy. He's got himself $2.00 extra for nothing!
HERE'S the Mathematical question. (AND I KNOW IT'S THERE) BUT Mathematically SOLVE this problem:
Each guy (or gal) gets $1.00 dollar back. meaning each guy (or gal) paid $9.00 dollars and not $10.00 dollars for the room.
This makes the total paid by all three guys (or gals) $27.00 dollars.
OK...The three guys (or gals) ended up paying a total of $27.00 dollars for the room. And the bellboy has the $2.00 dollars he pocketed. This equals a sum of $29.00 dollars.
Where is the missing dollar? $27.00 and $2.00 equals $29.00 dollars and when it all began the 3 guys (or gals) gave the manager $30.00 dollars! Where is the 30th dollar?
This is a I forget what it's called! Uuuhhh...An unsolvable mathematical problem. Proving that numbers do lie.
Thank you for the applause...Thank you very much.....

Like A Hurricane

THIS IS THE END of anything concerning the lost "veteran" souls drowned in the dark, evil, hateful, whirlwind of America's sewage hurricane of politicism! I got pulled in and wrapped into that catastrophic spiral of name calling and ignorance and I apologise for this! And that's the name of that tune!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Message In A Bottle

Well I sent my two pieces RE: Vietnam Vets Gone AMOK to the Swiftboat Veterans themselves. Tonight I saw ANOTHER ad on television and they actually promoted a website in it. On the website they say they're defending the honor of vets. They sure as hell are an arrogant lot huh? They could take a trip to Ohio and kiss a couple of gravemarkers and give a moment of prayer or silence to the honor of those college students killed by the NATIONAL GAURD & ARMY RESERVES in 1971! That would be defending my honor...truthfully. Where is the money for these ads and this website from? I certainly hope not people who DONATE money to their "post", "ship" or whatever they call themselves! Especially if the people DONATING the cash are thinking they're helping keep the "good boys" supported in a decent clubhouse for their carousing!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Frenchman Speaks Too Quick!

DATE: Sunday September 12, 2004

OK...I think it's time for people to own up to the fact that Aquarius is here but the world isn't going to blow up. Information is going to finally be revealed that will "change" the world forever! Actually it has already been revealed, in a manner. Time will tell to what length people will go to avoid it.
A tour guide in France, one Jean-Manuel Traimond, is having somewhat of a hysterical problem dealing with Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. In quite a state of agitation he argues that Dan Brown is outright wrong with his assertions and Jean-Manuel works hard to debunk, as many do, the book's facts.
Jean-Manuel states "He invents bridges that don't exist. He puts trees where there are no trees," Traimond says, "He claims Godefroy de Bouillon was the king of France, and he never was. ...It's like claiming Paul Revere was President of The United States!" And he puts this outrage to use on his tours. BIG problem there is he's misinforming those poor folks who paid their dear Euro's for his misrepresentation of whatever sites he's directing these tourists on!
See...Dan Brown never says Godefroy was king of FRANCE. He says Godefroy was king of Jerusalem! But, alas, I've caught Dan Brown in a veeeery minor error here. Seems Godefroy de Bouillon declined the title king on religious grounds. So he was designated Holy Sepulcher!
Now his brother, Baldwin I, who succeeded him did take the title king.
All this occurred, as I mentioned earlier, in 1099 after the siege of Jerusalem and victory was attained.
So Jean-Manuel Traimond? Maybe Dan Brown did take some literary license in his description of the countryside. But, Mon frere Traimond, I am afraid you they say? did drop the Oeuf on this particular stop on the tour.
Bon Mardi Jean-Manuel!

Snagged from a reviewer of Associated Press writer Angela Doland.
Angela? Get the fact first so you can get an even more intense interview when you throw the fact and his error in what "king" he was speaking of back at him. then stand back because...well who knows what a guy so upset and misinformed will do then? huh?

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Blue Skies Remembered!

It's odd...But every time I'm enjoying a day with a bright blue sky filled with puffy cumulus clouds floating by in numerous shapes and sizes on a cool October day I am ALWAYS
brought screaming back to the day we lost Challenger & Columbia & John F. Kennedy!
THEN...On the other hand it has come to the point when I venture out on a clear, blue skied day in September, with a wisp of a cloud here and there, I become angry at the thought of thousands of men, women and children who were doing the exact same thing. When, suddenly, they entered the nightmare of nightmares flying in those very skies. And people were, no doubt, enjoying their day under the crisp blue heavens going about their business in two towering buildings which soared upward, into that beautiful blue pool. And they too had the nightmare of nightmares thrust upon them.
God Bless You All!
I will never forget you.

Space~A Galaxy Leap! USA gif

Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm Going To PUT YOUR NAME Out!

I haven't forgot that mealy, mush of a politico who, while being interviewed RE: Kerry, said [sic] "Would you really call someone a hero who shot a wounded kid in the back as he was running away?". I couldn't believe he said it and neither did the interviewer who quickly replied with [sic] " I don't think you would call a person who just shot at you and had a grenade launcher a kid would you?" The mealy guy looked a bit taken aback at not being received as a "compadre", so to speak, of the interviewer.
One of the WORSE comments I've ever heard on the matter! The "kid" was a Viet Cong soldier as I was a soldier and Kerry was a soldier and all of us who were there. And of the thousands of Americans who fought there the average GI was about 20 years of age! The youngest ever in history for American combatants! It's unknown how many Americans this "kid" had killed himself. He sure as hell didn't just get pushed out of the nest on MAIN STREET, Vietnam and thrown into the lions den! Forced to perform tasks he knew nothing of and was an "innocent" kid facing the "Evil Forces" surrounding him as, I would say, just about every kid from the States WAS who got assigned to the War Zone! That "kid" was laying in wait. Part of an AMBUSH to kill and slaughter the first Americans he KNEW would be coming down that stretch of water in that particular area of the jungle!
So when I finally confirm his name and occupation I'm going to make sure everyone is aware of the ingnorant, souless, self serving bastard I believe this politico to be!
Folks...WAR is an INDESCRIBEABLE thing! These efforts to tell what a "free fire zone" is and the like to reporters chewing on this Kerry thing are sickeningly inadequate and makes my skin crawl to hear these fools vieing for their moment of fame and television exposure!
I have found, when meeting another mate who was in Nam, that you can say as little as one sentence or even not get that sentence finished and a quick, clear realisation and understanding is quickly formed and laughter or a knowing hand slap is made and a brief, strong bond is established for that encounter!
I just can't understand how these guys are letting politics do this to them.
On With The Day!

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Right now Dennis Miller has a trio of Vietnam Vets and they're YACKIN' about how John Kerry "called" and "named" and "accused" Vets in Nam of war atrocities. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? STOP TALKING about things that happened 35 years ago in your bleedin' intellectual, pompous manner! John O'Neal just said, because of Kerry, people here in the USA were calling all us Nam Vets baby killers and murderer's. They were doing that BEFORE I left for in country in 1968! It wasn't because of John Kerry they did this! It was because of the usual culprit THE MEDIA! My God they had video of it and showed general warfare on TV every night and what you saw was GI's burning villages, dead men, women and children and the CHAOS of WAR! Not to mention the numerous "body bag" shots of GI's being loaded for return to the States! The extremist anti-war groups were the people using these terms "baby killer" and "murderer"! After the demonstrations I participated in I would always see the primary coverage of that event portray, on the news, the molative cocktail, rock throwing small, extreme minority of people who were doing this! THEY were NOT the HEART of the event! I remember seeing on television a video report of protesters running down the street with a North Vietnamese flag shouting out the atrocious names mentioned above! It appeared to be hundreds of people. I recently saw a documentary on that era and that shot was included. And LO and BEHOLD the camera pulled back from the scene and it was about 6 or 7 people! The MEDIA had "CROPPED" the picture! Shot a tight close up of the few fools and presented that as the representation of the anti war event of that day! SEE? MEDIA MANIPULATION! It's happening now! As I said in the last post all John Kerry did was REPORT, TRUTHFULLY and not what he thought Congress wanted to hear! He DID NOT ACCUSE people! He reported the facts at a time after the all revealing TET OFFENSIVE had turned PUBLIC OPINION against the war and the usual pomp and cicumstance of committees, panels, research teams being formed to make it appear something was being done! While the war dragged on these committees heard all the various "witnesses" to decide their royal decree on whether to put an end to the war or not!!
I'm not pushing for any candidate here! I want this MADNESS of turning on good men who fought there to END!! John McCain fully agrees and stood by President Bush as the President, though lightly, I thought, asked for an end to these "Swiftie" ads!
Come on Dennis! I love ya man! And I hear you set yourself apart by saying you wern't there so you didn't want to comment but you're giving the problem a PLATFORM and STAGE to spread this vile, twisted view of what was happening then!
Kinda like Peter Jenning's attempt to re write history with that horrible, slap in the face to World War II GI's AND America when he presented his Hiroshima "Special"!
Peace and Out Brother!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Here's what I think about you Swift Boat Veterans For Bush:
Your minds have all gone to mush! You all have lost your dignity and any resemblence of Manhood. There was a unity as being one of "Those". "Those" being all of us Vietnam Veterans who have dealt and are still dealing with our participation in that era of American history. I have always viewed the Vietnam Vet as one unit of hundreds of thousands of guys who, alone or a member of an organised group, treated one another with great appreciation. Thought of one another with great appreciation and would never, NEVER turn his back on a fellow Vet or let that fellow Vet be dishonored by anyone! Never by anyone, be that person military or most definitley not by a civilian. I was stunned to learn some of you were Prisoners Of War. I saw how you stood, like children and turned your back on John Kerry as he took the podium. OH...You all (all 3 or 4 of you) looked so bloody arrogant and self rightous! You did this in the name of POLITICS!...The exact evil, bastard that had us in that God forsaken war in the first place! You reason that Kerry betrayed you. Bullshit! Can ya smell it? You reason that the enemy used that against you. That it hurt you. Bullshit! What? The enemy said "Lookie here GI...See your own comrad say you not belong here. That you number fuckin ten GI?" And this HURT you? This broke your morale? AAwwww....You musta been one hard motha fuckin soldier! Or were you Navy? Coz a ton of guys went in the Navy to AVOID getting too close! SEALS, SEABEES, Special Ops, all those guys wanted in! They're A-1. But Air Force?...Flying way up there dropping your bombs then heading home to base or Navy firing those big guns out in the Gulf or Sea then sitting down for some good chow. But some of you got shot down? That was bad. Some were captured and you were made a POW. Horrible fate! But did you become blind to humanity or are you a "love it or leave it" type of guy when it comes to the USA? If all men and women were of that ilk the USA wouldn't exist today. There is always something that can be improved or someone who is abusing the highest office which leads this country. When that occurs it is time to make a stand. I served in Vietnam. I was decorated in Vietnam. When I returned I showed my support for the end of the war. I'm just Sgt. Shmoe. So I joined the thousands who marched and I let my Freak Flag Fly. I paid dearly for this by society. But that's of no import here. This is what happened folks:
Americans were being told daily of how the USA had thewar under control. The Generals told the media and the media told the USA and the world the Ho Chi Minh Trail was shut down.( A trail from the north, through the jungle, to the most southern regions which the enemy transported weapons & ammuntition)That the USA had stopped the arms coming from NorthVietnam. That the ARVN forces (South Vietnamese Army) were taking on a larger role and performing as "crackerjack" troops. Charts, figures, daily body counts and the fact the USA had not lost a battle to date was trumpeted daily! When I was on my way to being "in country" in January of 1968 the Vietnamese were celebrating TET. The Asian New Year. Well on the VERY NIGHT of celebrating, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong hit every major City, Town, Village, Villa, Shantytown, you name it,they hit them all within minutes of each other from the DMZ in mid-Vietnam to the farthest reaches of South Vietnam! The "well under control" enemy took over the American Embassy in the capital of the South, Saigon, all major Radio facilities and were actually broadcasting their arrival! They had been pouring into all these areas for months un-noticed. Where did the weapons come from? The Ho Chi Minh Trail and underground! The Vietnamese had been fighting for their country for a 100 years! China, Japan, England and the French couldn't take it! All these years an underground system had been steadily growing throughout the entire country! I'm sure you have heard of the anxiety our GI's experienced getting attacked time and again never able to actually see the enemy! Your friend would fall by your side. A hellish firefight would ensue and if you did see the enemy it was most likely when you were checking out the fire zone after the battle and found the enemy who got hit! Frustrating?...There's not a damn word I know of that describes what these GI's felt when day after day guys were dying horrible deaths and you never saw where the hell the enemy was. You could only shoot back in the direction the shooting was coming from! Some GI's, when coming on a village KNOWN to hide and support the Viet Cong would dispense Justice. This is all John Kerry was doing. Reporting on that. The war had to be ended. Government is slow. GI's were falling daily. It took some Brave Souls to appear before the fucking committee and have to repeat fucking things that were going on because it HAD TO END! It took that TET Offensive to shake the public AND the news media that things were not so promising as we were being told. Matter of fact?...The country was being lied to and sacrificing their sons and daughters! Also The ARVN were dropping arms and running more often than not when the red zone got a bit red!A tendril of World War II patriotism still entwined throghout the populace of the USA then. John Kennedy being assassinated cracked that mold in 1963. Cracked a bit more when Martin Luther King happened upon the same fate. Then crumbled when Robert Kennedy was eliminated too!It was like a picture forming to the The Aware American . Then TET!...I gotta stop! If anything should have upset you Swifties is the news of MLK and RFK. NOT some dude telling Congress what he saw and heard was going on in the war! What? You feel like a criminal and John Kerry was ratting on you? That's the only way it can be perceived!You felt like you were being exposed! You said it on TV and to the print media! You said John Kerry betrayed you! How the hell did he betray you? In my opinion your all old fuckin' fogie, bastard, cunt cap wearing, medals on your lapels assholes! SIT THE FUCK DOWN! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR OR SEE YOU AGAIN!... Double crossing, prissy, cry baby dicks!


I've been "Timed Out" about 8 or nine "Times" now! OK...So maybe this post is about a foot and a half in length? It shoulda blogged on a blank blog right? Jeezz...I goota get this on my blog and I gotta figure out how! Dog Blog It!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Not All That Humourous

Here are the results of that acclaimed bit of "sniff", "sniff" humourous bit of news i.e. "Dave Matthews Band Charged With Illegal Dumping".
Seems there were about 200 people on the sight seeing boat ferrying up the Chicago River that fateful night. Suddenly, almost, but not all of the sightseers, were deluged with a few hundred pounds of something chunky, slimy weasely and wet! There was a moment of, let's call it "shock", when everyone realised, by the stench, they were covered in shit, piss and anything a busload of Dave Matthews band entourage had eaten in the last 24 hours. Some sightseers, not sighting so much at present, were heaving over the sides of the boat and IN the boat for that matter. Just adding to all the jollitity of being covered in human waste and ADDING to it with waste of their own! Other sightseers, absolutely not sighting, were carted off to various local hospitals where I'm sure all were given the requisite shots of antibiotics and soapings that are made for situataions like this.
Yes, many got a laugh over that but give it some thought. People are afraid to touch anything in this day and age due to the pounding into the psyche about AIDS, E-bola, E-coli and all that other "E" stuff and these folks got drenched in human waste by ANOTHER HUMAN!
Not only another human but a representative of a FAMOUS, WELL KNOWN, INSIGHTFUL, TALENTED and just all around RESPECTED human being, DAVE MATTHEWS! This was his band and "entourage".
The DRIVER of the bus, STEFAN A. WOHL, DENIED the whole incident. Only problem with that denial though is the fact there were about a half dozen or so surveillence cameras around that had it all on tape and that's how the Chicago Police found them. Not only the police but the Illinios Attorney General had to get involved. This bus had to be tracked down!
Yeah...He dumped the load into the Chicago River, got back in his drivers seat and put-er in gear and went on rollin' down the highway!
I could only wonder what The Rolling Stones were thinking when they hired that band to tour with them back in '97. Didn't make sense then and not now.
"Class" act...The Dave Mathews Band.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Get The Money?

Let me preface this piece by advising you of the caliber of movie. NOT like "nickle" movies from the 20s. This was when they made movies like Moby Dick, The Vikings, Friendly Persuasion, War Of The Worlds to name a few. The 1950s! Which One movie just happens to be the focus of this piece.

I was just reading, while protecting all you guys here in my blockhouse, how Tom Cruise, in response to being asked about how he felt about his involvement in a re-make of War Of The Worlds, said It's the kind of movie as a kid you cut as many lawns as you can so you can get the money to see the film on day one. Hmmmm?
It was my duty to go to the movies every Saturday when I was "short". I was given an allowance for chores done for my Mum of 25 cents a week. A LOT OF MONEY! I also was a little, before my time, street person who collected empty bottles of Nehi, Pepsi, RC Cola, Seven Up, Coca Cola to return to the stores. Because back then you got 5 cents for each bottle returned. Why? Coz they used them again. That's why. Something called re-cycling. A new concept today. But done in a way I fail to comprehend. Anyway...My point is, Tom, I call him Tom because we're old pals, he was mowing lawns somewhere bustin' a gut...and I was in the city doing...well being a street person I guess. I had no idea he was mowing lawns as if he was breaking his back to make enough money to go to the movies to see this film.
Well...We never actually saw War Of The Worlds together because I don't think he was born yet.
I'm rambling on here aint I? OK..I would gather all my nickels and put them with my 25 cents allowance and on Saturday head into town to watch a movie. Usually a double feature. And if ya were REAL lucky there were 15, Count Em, FIFTEEN cartoons showing before the premiere event!
Now you can see why Tom might think you had to mow a ton of lawns to get the money to see something like this.
Well I would get to the theater, which was a REAL theater. Thick, velvety carpeting, huge mirrors and chandeliers and a man in the lobby to take your ticket and tear it in half and give you back your half of the stub. (This was in case of emergencies like having to go outside to see if "Randy" or whoever hadn't shown up yet had shown up so ya could get them inside) And cushioned seating with a big stage at the front. This is where the movie screen was. And in front of the movie screen were two, not one, but two curtains! CAN YOU DIG IT?! Everyone would be having a grand time when suddenly the house lights went down (there were no Mums or Das at the movies on Saturday. Why? Unheard of) and everyone came to a hush as the anticipation built for the movie to start. Then, up there on the thick scarlett and gold edged curtains, the light from the projecter began flickering. The opening soundtrack burst out of the walls all around you and you could see images beginning to flicker on that magnificent curtain. And at just the right moment, just as the lion was to roar, the heavy golden, scarlett curtain swooshed from side to side opening the portal brighter and thus began the leaving of planet Earth! Then the Title sequence would appear and a thinner, silkier curtain would open and BAM! you were presented with the images of the place you were being taken to clear, bright and all encompassing! It was a time!
OH?...I would pay 25 cents to get into this grand theater and if I wanted some popcorn there was a machine there filled with popcorn also with bags for your use to hold your popcorn. The bag was about the size of a "Super-Size" cup of today ok? You would put 10 cents in the machine, gather your bag around the chute where the popcorn was going to come out and voila! Ya got a ton of popcorn for 10 cents. So what do we have here now? I've spent 35 cents. I'm in a glamorous palacial building with the finest of entertainment to take me away. Off, off and away! OH? And there were girls there too! We ALL had a tumble of a time!
That's what I'm trying to figure out. Old Tom talking like he was there and I thought he might have been. Really! But man! That talk of all the hard work to go to the movies to see it on day one? And he went "Oh My God" to Steven Spielberg, another devoted friend, when presented with the offer to re-make the movie and he said what I just said. Tom was quite excited. As he should be.
Too bad they're gonna ruin another Great Movie Classic dontchya think? Especially a movie that was the kind of movie you would mow as many lawns as you could to get the money to see it on day one.
You can read it for yourself in Entertainment Weekly Sept. 3 edition. BTW...I'm just kiddin' about Tom and Steven being my pals...Tom and Steven forgot about me a long time ago.

Today a 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 year old can NOT see any movie I ever saw in the 50s because it will damage them psychologicaly! They need the violence explained to them and given Ritalin to calm them. They can't handle all the confusing details of men and women and war and chaos. They won't understand that they need guidance to watch a movie like Moby Dick, War Of The Worlds or Friendly Persuasion, The Vikings or House Of Wax! All these secular groups have over ridden the majority to safegaurd the children! They have snaked their ideals and beliefs into the framework of all society now. We all have to be told what is safe and what is not. What is good and what is bad. If we can smoke and if we can't. Where to piss and how to do it.
Thank you. Illuminati for killing this country.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A Movie Review

I'm recovering. As this pic might show you. (And it aint purty) Seems something came in contact with my skin and my skin hated it so damn much it decided to try and leave my face!
Anyway...Watched a good movie named "The Station Agent". The link here at Cinema Now, has a ton of great Independent Films.
This was my review: "Wonderful picture of seemingly ordinary people doing ordinary things with the untold stories of each echoeing through each character! A quiet, delightful, abstract look at some good folks!"
I'm going to sleep now. Swelling has gone down some. Great meds we have today!