Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Batteries Not Included

You know all those toys we got for Christmas or birthdays or whatnot that needed batteries to operate? Well little did we know that just prior to 1955 any toy which was battery operated was about as much fun as getting socks as your present. Seems the batteries we came to know and use until this day were not yet around. They had batteries but they only lasted a few minutes. Put them in "go-car" and watch the car move, if it moved at all, about an inch before the battery went out.
Sad to say that the man who invented todays alkaline battery, LEWIS URRY, born in Pontypool, Ontario died this past week. URRY came to America when he was transferred from The National Canadian Carbon CO. to Union Carbide in Cleveland, who made EVEREADY batteries. LEWIS URRY was the guy who, somehow, figured powdered zinc added to the carbide in batteries would make it work better. We have them in our laptops, CD players, toys, Walkman radios, cell phones, cam corders, electric razors well you know, Everything battery operated!His son, Michael Urry, said his father "was happy to see that peoplewere able to take something he came up with and enjoyed their lives better."
Eveready is known now as Energiser. URRY finessed the chemical make up of the alkaline battery so that, today, it works 40% longer than the 1959 version. URRY also aided in developement of the lithium battery too.
Just a note for a truly unsung hero.

By Demand
Things You Don't See!

Ariel Sharon


Last night I happened upon the movie about the prison reformist named Brubaker. Today I happened upon a documentary on John Lennon and, of course, Lennon's end came by order of Hoover. There's corruption everywhere and I'm certain it's grown to monstrous proportions since the Boomer generation faded from the good fight.
Since those days of yore a couple of generations have grown and we have lost more basic freedoms and pursuit of one's general happiness than I can count.
So I'm saying forgetaboutit! STRIKE THE VOTE! Nothing's going to change except the face we see. Let 'em eat it! Let's see the voting boxes bare of human beings! No Peter Jennings, Brokaw or the rest of the yacking heads "reporting". No Exit Polls to bloviate over and telling us who's going to win by 8PM that night!
It's an Illusion that we actually elect anyone we really desire to lead our country. Ralph Nader IS NOT ALLOWED to be on the Ballot. He supposedly needs a zillion signitures to get on the ballot. I missed when that little item came along. I was taught anyone could run for President. I was also taught that a person could win the popular vote, as Al Gore did, but lose to the Electoral College. I remember this teacher saying "this happened only once in our history and is highly unlikely to happen again." This was prior to our Presidents, Candidates for President and Men of Freedom being assassinated. I think the "electoral college" is really the back room where the actual choice is made.
People have become so indoctrinated that they think voting for a third party candidtate is "throwing their vote away."
Think about it. Go back over the headlines of our newspapers for the past 60 years. If you didn't know what day or year it was, depending on the event, it could well be today!
Vote? Hell no! Not this time.

Monday, October 25, 2004

My Diary...Yeah; I'm Doin' That Thing.

OK...Last time I appeared in front of an actual, live audience was oh....34 years ago. I haven't touched my guitar, but for on occasion when I used to get drunk, in all that time. I was a "folk/rock" singer. Suddenly; Out of nowhere, comes this driving force to get back out "there." But I said to meself, ya know how I "say to meself" if you've read any of this stream of highly informative content, I say to meself; "Hey! You can't go out there and sing that stuff from back then. Maybe a couple of the songs but those couples did not number anywhere near a "set." (Say about 15 to 20 minutes)
So I says to meself, again; "Hey! Sing some of the stuff you've been mumbling parts of this past 34 years."
First problem was the guitar. The guitar I used when I was on a track to the stars (yeah, really, I was on that track) I smashed to pieces one night in anger because a string broke and I couldn't remember words to the songs. ( I was also. lets say, drunk too.) So I purchased a Tanginika guitar around 1980 and I have to tell ya the "action" on that guitar was non exisistent. I hated it. So it sat. It's sitting back in that extra bedroom right now. I purchased that guitar Estaban offers in those infomercials. I have an amp (never used an amp before), hard shell case and a guitar that sounds like no guitar I've ever played. It's wonderful! The "action" on the fret board is fantastic! I never "barred" a chord back then but with this guitar I "bar" the "F" and "Bm" chords because it's so pliant I love doin' it just to do it!
OK; Song selection? I was concerned about this because I couldn't remember words from all the songs I used to sing. And I did a 90 minute concert once. That's alot of words to forget. I thought I wouldn't be able to retain the words to the songs I wanted to perform. Well did I blow my own mind or what?! I'm picking up songs on 3 or 4 run throughs singing from a lyric sheet and, God bless this child, I'm retaining the songs in this noggin' of mine.
So far song selections I have down but need to polish are: "Hotel California", "San Francisco (be sure to come with flowers in your hair)", End Of The Innocence", "Night Moves", "The Long Run", and "Drift Away".
I decided, at this point in my life, I'm going to sing autobiographical songs. Or, more or less, songs I really identify with. Yes! "autobiograpghical."

I have, lined up, "Jet Airliner", "Running On Empty", "One Headlight", "Rock Me Baby" and "In My Life". These tunes wait patiently.

One tune, if I ever get it, will be the jewel of the set: "Step Right Up" by Tom Waits. I have the base riff down but man, getting that song to sound anything like I can actually do it is gonna be a job. And it is a job! (That's in the song heh, heh)
It's kinda like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time only a bit tougher than that.

The final and most important ingrediant? Having the balls to actually get up on a stage somewhere on "open mic" night and perform.
Yes...This is the most important ingrediant. OH! And establishing a relation (hopefully good) with the audience.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Victoria Snelgrove
Here's a damn shame! What the hell happened to tossing tear gas canisters into an unruly crowd?

Well here's the 21st Century answer; Melvin L. Tucker, a security consultant who specializes in the use of force by police, said "less-than-lethal" weaponry has become increasingly popular among police departments around the country over the past five years as a replacement for nightsticks, tear gas and other such tactics.
"This is generally a lot safer. It's a real tragedy," said Tucker, the former police chief of Tallahassee, Fla., and Asheville, N.C.

Why the hell do the police always have to SHOOT something now-a-days?! As usually wont, a over reaction by the men in blue of Boston Killed A Journalism Student, after the city's Red Sox clinched the World Series Game berth.
And here's a quote not in most articles:

"While I firmly and emphatically accept responsibilities for any errors. I also condemn in the harshest words possible the actions of the punks (Wednesday) night who turned our city's victory into an opportunity for violence and mindless destruction."

Uhh...How about murder Ms. O'Toole? Any comment? You know? Mindless shootings into crowds of humans?

That's Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole who is so upset with the "punks" who ruined the City's celebration in the same breath as speaking of the Killing of Victoria Snelgrove, a journalism major at Emerson College, who was 21 years of age!
I guess Commissioner O'Toole and her minions are unaware of the hundreds of bystanders who get caught up in the asinine violence a FEW ASSHOLES feel compelled to create!
That's the mentality! Reminds me of Chicago in 1968. Many, many innocent bystanders passing through or just plain caught in the mix, bludgeoned, dragged into wagons or SHOT at with NON LETHAL weapons.

I figure anything coming out of a barrel or tube at about 100 miles per hour is gonna kill or seriously maime my ass!
I don't care if it's supposed to break up, fall apart or turn into baked beans! YOU DO NOT SHOOT PROJECTILES INTO A GATHERING OF HUMAN BEINGS!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Spain Gets A Lesson!

Spain pulled it's military out of Iraq after AlQaida blew up a couple of their trains killing a lot of good people. So Spain and the hordes in the streets screaming to bow to AlQaida DID, indeed, bow to AlQaida's demand. Now Spain is desperatly seeking the bastards who NOW are attempting to blow up their goverment centers. Wonder what the hordes and oficialnades de governmente are doing.

Soldier's Refusal Not On Front Page?

It appears it was not a full platoon who bailed out of a direct order. It was 18 discerning, knowlegeable "troops." They knew better than their Command.
I've been expecting to see bold headlines on the front pages of our news papers concerning this occurence. It's not there! I found it buried, not on page 2 or page 3. It was buried in the middle of the front section.
The story is being raised at the end of cable news shows and being treated as if someone was standing on tiptoes, holding a baby off the edge of a building. Bill O'reilly, tonight, brought it up on the next to last segment of his show. I watch Bill O'reilly quite often and I have to say I was stunned as to the manner he questioned this "retired" Colonel David Hunt. you know; the "retired" colonels who came out of the woods during the Iraq War telling all of us "regular folk" what was going to happen and how we were doing? Well he was one of those colonels. Anyway; Mr. O'reilly was asking Colonel Hunt questions in regard to this mess softly and in a quizzical manner. Like Bill couldn't conceive of what was going on there. Bill O'reilly did not say, demand, suggest or even come near the question of these "troops" facing justice. I expected a strong rebuke and a call for swift, serious judication of these "troops."
Bill DID ask "what will happen to these people?" See what I mean about the act of keeping the situtaion quiet? Colonel Hunt , who I really think has his head up his ass, mentioned an Article 15! Know what an Article 15 is? An Article 15 is a punishment which says you've done a bad thing (like not mop the floors when told to do so), doles out a meager punishment (clean the toilets for a month) and doesn't go into your permanent record. I know. I received one. But That is a story for another day. This Colonel Hunt also mentioned that these troops are better than the troops we had in Viet Nam! Somehow, tying the actions of the troops who were in Viet Nam to these troops who committed anarchy on the battlefield! HELP ME I'M ON WHAT PLANET? Colonel Hunt's "professional" opinion also said the fault lay with the NCO's and Officer's in Command. Colonel Hunt said if these "troops" didn't repect their superiors he could understand this happening. Give Me Money! I'll Say Something Stupid Too! O'reilly let that slide like chili leaving his bodily fluids behind. Bill must have more on his mind.
As for these 18? They have given one excuse after another. Rusty trucks, tainted fuel, bad equipment and maybe one had to go to the latrine. A group of troops, who were off duty, were called in to replace these 18 and they made the delivery without incident. This is no small matter. Eighteen, count 'em Eighteen "troops" refused to act on an order! I saw a map of where this Army Supply Company is stationed. I saw the route, destination and delivery point these 18 were to take. ("Delivery point" being the key word) I don't want to say what I believe to be. I will say these 18 "troops" were based on the fringe border of Iraq. Where the build-up took place and the war began.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Troops are rebelling!THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. I was preparing an article about the "draft." I was going to say I believed the draft should never have been discontinued. I was going to say I believed if the draft had been in effect all these years there would be far fewer people in our prisons and jails. Far fewer people living undiciplined lives.
The military, although it did disrupt my life, taught me to be self sufficient. To live and keep myself and my home in some semblance of order. To deal with adversity and think through and resolve the many problems which came my way through life.
Also; the draft would have kept the United States prepared with an Armed Forces. Ready and capable. Not to say our military is not capable. But I believe our military, in this day and age, has a large element of men and women who came to the military solely for the extra income and the college tuition programs offered. I believe these folks never, in their wildest dreams, thought they were real, honest to goodness warriors! I believe a large number of these troops enjoyed their 6 months of active duty, away from everyday life. The 2 weekends a month, a kind of get-away from home for a couple of days, enjoyable. A break with pay, benefits and the impression of being a soldier in uniform. Gave them a sense of pride also. All well and good.
But when I saw what was developing when the world nations became unstable and saw the turbulance families were facing with mothers being called to active duty and their children watching their mothers leave for where, the children had NO IDEA, it was perplexing to me!
Then a total, real war developed and this so called volunteer army was caught completely off guard and they were bewildered. FACE IT! Most of these people were never contemplating going off to an actual war! They signed on for the specialised training, extra income and free travel that came with the deal.
Now look at what we have. A platoon, of what the media calls Reservists, REFUSED to take on a mission in Iraq to deliver fuel to some outfit, who obviously NEEDED FUEL, because this platoon thought it was too dangerous! They're saying they "normally are escorted by Humvees or a couple of "choppers" and since it was assumed safe to do without by Command this platoon said "no way."
The entire platoon was placed under arrest for disobeying a direct order and placed in tents. One 'reservist's mother had a message on her phone, from her daughter Amber McClenny, pleading for help! McClenny said "they are holding us against our will" and "We are now prisoners."
Now, as it goes, investigations, committees and panels are being formed and investigations being made. Volunteer Professional Soldiers? Volunteer Professional Military Armed Forces?...I don't think so. I didn't think so when the idea of a no draft all volunteer military was instituted and I sure as hell feel proven correct.
A wife of another reservist said "When my husband refuses to follow an order, it has to be something major." This was Jackie Butler, wife of Sgt. Michael Butler.
I guess this volunteer military, who they always refer to as "reservists" or "national guardsmen", think this is the "corporate" manner the military works. IT'S THE MILITARY! THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES! Not the local major employer in town who proposed something you disagree with, so you call in sick or go on strike.
Personal story?...I had to drive a guy to Saigon to catch a flight for his R&R at NIGHT! In a Jeep! With him unarmed, me with an M-16 across my lap and a guy sitting next to me with an M-16. That was it! All because someone didn't like someone (haven't figured out who) and made this guy wait until dark to leave Long Binh for his R&R. That's my story ok? I was ordered to saddle up and I saddled and rode. I didn't call home to mom and dad saying I'm being sent on a suicide mission, as a number of this platoon did.
Has anyone heard of the troops who needed the fuel? Are they dead? alive? sitting somewhere and can't move because they have no fuel being attacked?
Bush? Kerry? I believe either way we are going to have the draft back. And I think that's a good thing. This country has gotten lazy, spoiled and stupid. All the while saying "big government keep out" while begging big government to protect them from smoking, bad language, dangerous toys,dangerous cars, bad air, bad ground, bad housing...get my drift?
I have no sympathy for that platoon or their parents. The children I feel terrible for. First mom or dad wanted to have both worlds and now mom or dad has made the error of their life in that "other" world that got them out of the house.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Steam Roller Is Comin'

I don't know. I was watching the SuperBowl and a day later I heard the crime of mankind had been comitted. And I didn't even see it! Since then the United States Government, jollied on by all these "rightous, gold wearing, overweight, pudgy fingered men of GAUWD, have been systematically knockin' off radio and television broadcasting companies to the tune of a few million bucks and threats of being put off the airwaves. All evolving from this one, hardly-anyone-really-saw-it-'til-it-was-isolated-and-replayed-for-the-world, incident where Janet Jackson's breast was supposedly partially exposed. Recently Dale Earnhardt fined and had points deducted from his total in the Cup Race for blurting out the word "shit" in his excitement after a win. Fox TV is being fined for, what the "Commission" says was vile behavior in one of its reality programs. It's quite alarming, I must say. Very scary. This, with the phrase "I want to spread freedom and democracy around the world", shivers me timbers and they's been sayin' DON'T GOOSE STEP YOU BASTARD! I want peace for the world. But I don't want to go around the world making everyone live peacfully the way I happen to live. I believe the Catholic Church did this once in a thing called the Crusades. Then another guy with a very good speaking voice and a charisma which reached out and grabbed people, literally, tried to spread his vision of freedom and a better world around the globe. (And NO. I'm not speaking about you Lil Kim and your diabolical, persecution, victimisation old, dead, whipped horse self promoting excuse .)
I just don't like what I'm seeing and it really, really, really is scary. BOO! Happy Halloween.
Now a commercial break. Please watch all these babes walk by and cavort about in their bras and panties. Also watch and listen to these other hotties make suggestive moves and tell you how better they smell and feel with the latest "napkin" and easy placement and visual demonstration of said napkin, keeping the "wetness" from roaming about. They make BILLIONS of DOLLARS selling these "modeled" items and all the family can sit, watch and decide what to purchase. No fines. No threats. Just Thank You's.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Well it has been over a couple of weeks and I was waiting for Rodney Dangerfield to exit the hospital grinnin'! Very, very sorry to say the bug-eyed comedian with "no respect" did die today. He made it to 82 years.

Rodney Dangerfield fell into a coma after undergoing heart surgery. Having a valve adjustment, of sorts, and was alert but then lapsed into a coma, where he left us.

I'll miss seeing Rodney Dangerfield in that black suit and red tie. Constantly tugging on his tie, sweat glistening on his face and that bug-eyed look he would deliver after a "punch.

I heard the "I don't get no repect" line came from a joke he wrote about playing "hide & seek" and no one would look for him. He wanted something to lead into that joke and came up with "Ya know?...I don't get no respect...No respect at all."

I hate this thing called aging and what it does to people.
It has no respect.