Saturday, August 28, 2004

Don't Count On What You Saw!

Read the following paragraph and then tell me how many letter "Fs" are in it..OK? (OK...Ya tell yourself. Not really me.)
The answer is on the "Things You Don't See (Slight Return) Post I placed earlier.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's Happened All My Life

I scare the hell out of myself sometimes! August 15th I placed a post about Elvis Presley. I mentioned, and I put it in quotes, that the "scream" factor was missing from this performance.
Well dontchya know The Scream, a masterpiece by Edvard Munch was stolen about a week later. Sheeeesh!...I hate it when that happens.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dangerfield's Respect!

I heard today Rodney Dangerfield was entering the hospital for a serious heart procedure. What heart procedure isn't serious?
I just saw him a few weeks ago on...yes Craig Kilborn's Late Late Night Show and he blew me away! Mr. Dangerfield was in top form. Even having to pause a beat on occassion to let the audience catch up! Ya know? He still has that great "patter", quick delivery and sharp wit! I love this guy! Here's Rodney Dangerfield answering how he thinks the procedure will go..."if things go right I'll be here about a week. If things don't go right I'll be here about an hour and a half."
Gonna see you in a week or two Rodney Dangerfield! We're all thinking of you.

Update on Craig Kilborn is that Friday August 27th will be his last show. Guess he didn't read my plea. One of the fastest exits I've ever seen from a hit show like his. Not counting, of course, Jack Paar's walk off. Coz he came back not long later. Maybe Craigers will be back too.

Well...he left. And yes. He wanted more than his current million a show. Who was that red head guy on NYPD Blue who left for grandeur aspirations?...Yeah...Who was he? And now Jimmy Smits is coming back to ABC TV. Good move Jimmy!


I only wanted to be comfortable with her. To pass time learning and sharing experiences. To be able to take my eyes off her and know she would be there when I returned. To be able to lay her back gently while stroking my fingers over the fine textures she so loves. The ambience was always enjoyable and all I wanted was to look into her and absorb the beauty she always shared. The excitement she never failed to incite in me was intoxicating. Mixing with my blood and charging me with untold tensions and thrills always to bring me, sometimes, to a tear or a broad smile. All I asked was for a reciprocation to the way I felt about her. But no...She always had to slap at me unprovoked. Just as she had me on the edge of discovery she would slip away and close up on me. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! I would look away, but for an instant, and when I turned back to her the passion had gone! My senses would be heightened and anticipating the next sensation she devised for me but she had shut me out. All because she couldn't keep herself open to me! I would do all I could to settle her sometimes taught manner. To open up and give and take with time not existing. But NO! She wouldn't do that! She'd slap my hands and close up on my fingers and totally shut herself tight if I were to take my hand off her. If even for a second I let go my touch, she would close up to frustrate me. Extinguishing the mood and making me wait until minutes passed to regain the passion we were involved in. That's why I broke the bitch's back! Thats why I bent her body in half until I felt the soft crunching of her spine crumbling! Heard the crackle and pop of her breaking! Feeling her become limp, pliable and damned well broken! Look at her now! Much better, don't you think? Look now how I lift this whispery part of her and it falls limply over and lays so flat and still. Oh! I still get my excitement and thrills from her, that piece of pulp, and without all her damn quirks and slaps and closing up on me! I've found how to handle her now! When I'm through with her and they find her, and I know they will, there will be no tell tale signs of who did this to the chippy bastard! Only when I'm far gone and some stranger opens her up, as I did, will she lay there so limply and open for pleasure. They will know that somewhere...sometime...someone broke the spine of this book. And they will thank me! Yes! Thank me!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Every Eight Years A Full Olympics

It takes the planet Venus, the only planet named for a woman, 8 years to fully complete one of its cycles of the universe.
And if you plot the journey at the end of one of Venus's cycles you will find it forms a pentacle. Symbol of the goddess Venus and of Natures Divine order.
SO...The ancient Greeks set these olympic events to coincide with this Divine Order. Thus every 4 years an Olympic event is held.
One, the Summer Olympics, at the midpoint of Divine Order and the Winter Olympics at the arrival "home" of Venus. This in keeping a Divine Order.
Ever wonder why they were always 4 years apart?
Even after they were banned in Greece the timetable was kept.
By the way...if you check my web site I posted a video (with narration) of those two new moons discovered orbiting Saturn! You know they're only about 2 miles in diameter? How they haven't been smashed by meteorites is amazing! So Saturn has 33 moons now. Great things are going on out there!
You do realise that the starlight you see and the photos you see from Hubble is light from thousands of years ago? You're literally looking back in time!
I Love It!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Things You Don't See (Slight Return)

If you asked me for a discription of the painting of The Last Supper I would have told you, in the past, that the painting is of Jesus and His twelve followers sitting at a long table with a gold, gem studded goblet or chalice (some believe is the Holy Grail)at center of the table, bread and a feast of food items on the table.
Well would I have been laying a load of misinformation on you! I've seen the painting many times during the course of my life. I would have felt one hundred percent certain of what I had told you. But I never really saw the painting. And I think most people have never really noticed it either. I believe it's taken for granted what the painting portrays. So the painting is never really seen!
Now I understand the people who gaze for extended periods of time in art galleries studying a painting!
I viewed the painting. A Pre-restoration and the restored version. Which is the same DaVinci painting. Not two seperate paintings or a reproduction.
I was stunned to see a woman sitting at Christ's right hand! And (viewing the painting) the third man from the left, sitting at the table with hands raised, has a hand holding a knife in front of him! The hand is "just there". Of all the characters in the painting not one is in the posistion to be holding the knife at the angle it appears. It's always been there but I never saw it! Now I've seen it!
The woman is Mary Magdalene. The wife of Jesus. Later to bear their daughter Sarah, who was conceived prior to the crucifixion of Christ. The knife is considered by scholars of the arts to be DaVinci's way of conveying, with this symbolism, the fact that if you disagreed with the Church you were basically asking to be destroyed in one way or another. This is one of the many facts mentioned in Dan Brown's Book The Davinci Code.
Also there is no gold, jeweled goblet/chalice anywhere to be seen. Think of it...Jesus and His followers were poor. They were in hiding. Where would they get a gold, jeweled goblet? Why would they want one? But if you look again at this painting you will see each person has a small cup or type of drinking device. Which is much more in tune with their life status. Also there is no great meal on the table. Only the bread. Passover was the following day. Not the day of The Last Supper.
Now I'm no dummy here folks. I know DaVinci wasn't there! He was asked to paint a portrayal of this event and so he did. The Last Supper, no doubt, was during the night. But look at the painting. Through the window behind the table you can see daylight! DaVinci made it take place during the day so that he could make the colors more manageable and vivid. So it is DaVinci's vision of the Last Supper but, being a member of Priory Of Scion a secret group who included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo and Botecelli to name a few, used this opportunity to get the message out.
So this is another example of things you don't see! At least this example, unlike the last I mentioned, didn't almost spread me all over Kingdom Come!
I want to make a notation here off the subject. Religion was first based on the divine order of Nature. Think of the American Indians and ancient civilizations of Europe. Now think of how they are shown in movies and main-line history. How they were called "pagans" and "heathens". The ancient ones brought a balance to their world by half feminine and half masculine. The "pentacle" represented the "feminine". Today the word pagan is accociated with devil worship. Paganus is a Latin word which meant a country dweller. Vilain, another Latin word is villager. The "pentacle" is a pre-Christian symbol of worshipers of Nature, the Sacred Feminine. All of which were convuluted by the Church where "villager" became "villian", Poseidon's Triton became satan's pitchfork, Wise crone's pointed hat became a witches hat and Venus's pentacle became a sign of the devil and Mary Magdelene was re-invented as a prostitute. These last two degradations to rid the "Feminine" goddess from the scene. In every major religon in the world women have a minor role if any at all in the religon or society. A victor's overtaking of a people, their symbols and degrading them... vilains andpagans. This Is why the Priory Of Scion was born. By men who tried to spread this word and help keep a more balanced world. But it had to be done in the strictest of secrecy!
Dan Brown has been attacked for inaccuracies as to the Priory Of Scion and it's origins. A modern Priory Of Scion was offically established in 1955. This is where one of his facts are challenged. That they did not exist in ancient times. What the challenge ignores is the change in use of languge. In the ancient spelling it is clear the Priory Of Scion did exist in ancient times. Priory Of Scion was founded in 1099 by the elected King Godefroi de Bouillon in Jerusalem upon the city's capture. Actually Bouillon declined the title on religous grounds and was designated Holy Sepulecher of Jerusalem! His brother, Baldwin, who succeeded him, did take the title "king". In contrast to this The Vatican had a deeply Catholic sect named Opus Dei. They practiced "corporal mortification". A quite powerful self abuse for anything approaching a sinful thought. Opus Dei also used brain-washing and coercion on non believers or "start-ups", a useful tool of the Church for that time in history i.e. Galileo. Luckily the Vatican handled that and kept him under house arrest for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun. Opus Dei still exists. Their headquarters is in New York City. In 1982 Pope John Paul II elevated them to "personal prelature of the Pope". Coincidentally this came about the same time Opus Dei transferred almost a billion dollars into the Vatican's Institute for Religious Works... The Vatican Bank.
OK?...I came, I didn't see, I finally saw! (gotta find out how to say that in Latin)
Good Day To You All.
Take Care

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mayor Calls It Boneheaded!

I just fell out reading a post by Prison Pete! In his, sometimes witty posts, he mentioned an event that took place in Brooklyn, N.Y. back on June 29th 2004. Something, I believe, was so outrageous it should have been on the national news!
It seems a fine young graduate of high school, Valedictorian of her class, gave her speech the day prior to the diplomas being handed out. She also had a full scholarship to Smith College by the way. SO...This student's name is Tiffany Schley and, evidently, she was unhappy about a few things so she mentioned them in her speech. She thought the Legal Studies course was overcrowded and that the teaching and counseling, in her opinion, was inadaquete.
Well guess what happened the next day? The high school refused to hand over her graduation diploma! Before Ms. Schley gave her speech the staff of the school attempted to alter all the negatives of her text into positives! Ain't that grand? Ms. Schley would have none of it and delivered the speech SHE had written.
Tiffany Schley shows up the next day for her diploma and, as Prison Pete would say, she got BOPed! No diploma for you!
You can imagine the chaos that occured after that! Ms. Schley was given her diploma after intervention by local officials and was told by the Deputy Schools Chancellor Carmine Farina a full investigation was under way. But guess what... AGAIN? The Schools "Deputy" Chancellor Farina did NOT give Ms Shley an apology! I wonder if there is a Schools Sheriff Counsellor. And if so...Where was he/she?
Mayor Bloomberg called the whole matter "boneheaded"! And I say right on Mayor Bloomberg!
How that didn't get picked up off the wire I have no idea! See? We're fed pablum and what the media thinks we need to know and the "hot" topic of the month out in California is slapped on the screen.
Thought I'de pass this along. Amazing the things some people do because of their social status and anything negative said about it.
Have Fun! Take Care! And thanks Prison Pete. Stay the course man! And I hope when you get out you get that talent of yours planted, watered and grown!

Think I've Got It Right Now!

Well I'm still doing a ton of research on information from Dan Brown's books Angels And Demons and The DaVinci Code.
What I'm finding is giving me the best peace of mind and assurance of doubts I've carried since childhood.
I attended a Prestbyterion church with my mum when I was a short person. I attended Catholic church with a friend of mine, Agnostic and a couple others.
I came to the conclusion they all had a flaw in them. So I had no membership in any organised religion as time has gone by.
What flaws? Remember now, this was a little mind looking around, and what I was seeing were contraptions of gold, expensive fabrics, people praying to statues, a country of gold and silver and magnificent buildings with thousands of poor people living all around in the country which is the headquarters of one of the two major western religions. All these things I had heard were sinful in sermons and Mass. The other headquarters is about equal in wealth and decor. The people who served these organisations, I was told, lived a sparse life. I've seen the living quarters and I'm aware they are totally comitted but I really don't see them lacking for anything. More of a symbolic "suffering" in their calling. And why anyone has to suffer at all? I wonder...Hey I don't get that either. And God is going to rage down on us if we make a mis-step in this life? Well didn't His Son give His life for Mankind's sins? I was told how great God is and of His wisdom and compassion. Why, then, would He want to throw my soul into a pit of fire?
SO...the 60s come and go and I'm basically in limbo as far as organised religions go. I believed there was a God but where He was and how it all began was the conundrum most people ponder. Ya know? I also was wondering where all the miracles went. I have seen, recently, phenomenon on earth which, back then, most likely would have been considered as "visions" of Holy Figures. For example early on a misty morning you may turn your back to the sun and see a halo of colored light with a form in the center. Well the form would be you. Your shadow. And the colored light surrounding the form is sunlight reflecting off water particles in the morning mist. This effect is called The Glory! The "official" term is called a Brocken Spectre.
I had ideas. Very, very loose pieces of mind as to how and who and where HE was and how He worked.
I always, and still do, get very angry when I hear people asking why God let such terrible things happen. For example floods, fires, war and just the general evil things that some people do. And I really burn when I hear people thanking God for touchdowns, their health, and any number of things that they achieved on their own due to their hard work and commitment to what it is they do. Not to mention the team mates efforts who helped or others who aided in any achievment. People who paid for and helped build a certain home a fortunate person was given to begin again. "Thank the Lord and God All Mighty" I've heard these folks say. God and The Lord had nothing to do with it. God and The Lord supplied everything In The Beginning! Man and Woman developed from there what was provided. Man and Woman provided in the Divine Nature of this world. Killing in the name of God has to be ended and quickly! It is the most horrific mistake of Souls who believe God has commanded them to kill! An error in perception which must be rehabilitated!
I've been working on a web site about space and the people who travel there. Believe me Carl Sagan wasn't off base when he said we are a speck of sand in the order of things. It's been mind boggling! It's wondrous, enourmous, beautiful and although it's science, I couldn't shake thinking of God while I'm watching and learning about all that's around us. Then along comes Dan Brown and I find and understand how battles were fought and how symbols are changed by the victors of wars in the very early development of civilization.
As recently as 1939 a symbol was changed by the Third Reich when they took an Aztec religious symbol (similar to a cross) and turned it into a political symbol for their movement. I was told about the Crusades in school. But somehow they left out the part about it being a purge of other religions and people around the populated lands of that time. It was appalling. It was blasphemous! In Angels And Demons, though it was a fictional story, I could see and accept a reasonable concept that there is a God and that He most certainly is the maker of Heaven and Earth!
We are energy folks. Each and every one of us is a human form with an energy within which, of course, is our Soul.
When we shed our human form our energy releases and joins with God. Who is the Energy that touched anti-matter and created the universe. He gave us life and a beautiful place to live and toil and create the best we can to make each other a happier, more comfortable life. I've heard "How can God let this happen?" and even folks discarding God because if the evil they see is happening they conclude there is no God. Why wont He do something?, they ask. Why wont he make it better? Well Excuuuusse Him!! Make it better? What else can you ask for?....It's an infinate universe and we were given the jewel of that universe! He gave us everything we need! He did say "Now go and multiply" and make good use of what I've given you, didn't he?
Do not ask or curse or blame God for what goes wrong here on earth. It is up to us to carry on. Us to help ourselves! It's written nowhere that we all should live as one and think and believe the same way. Borders are a needed survival tool for all humans to make our own way, in our own way here on earth. We are all equal! BUT we are all energies of different soul. Each to be respected. Each to be left in peace. We have come a long way in a short time. The days of the Crusades, before and after, had much more war and more barbarity than we do today. War is still among us. Don't blame God. Pray to God. But don't expect He's going to say "Oops, I'm sorry". He gave us everything. It's left to us to make it good and keep it well.
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing... A quote I've heard many times. But believe me. My eyes and heart have been opened and it is so simple it's miraculous!
Don't think I'm not aware of evil being here. It is. We have to watch for it and keep it at bay! For we all are souls of energy. But some souls are distorted.
That's it for today folks. I just had to get that out. There's so much more I could write but my energy is telling me to sleep for now.
Cheers and Take Care,

Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's All Right My Mama

Man! I viewed that '68 pre-tour comeback concert Elvis did today and I have to say it was great to see the guy again. The way he looked then and there coming back to life and rock & roll. But it was obvious the "scream" factor was missing from the girls surrounding the stage. They (the girls) did good. They tried their best to reproduce the pre-army presence Elvis inspired in the audience. But seeing them there just sitting...That was the "tell". Elvis was in top form but it was out of sync with the obvious "direction" of the crowd. They appeared to be acting. Of course Elvis was diverted from that path into the sun and surf movies which detracted and lost a lot of followers. But he did the "phoenix" thing again and rose to the top in Las Vegas. A kind of museum to go and see Elvis live. He still charted some great hit songs but somehow lost the connection to the rock and roll people. Never being thought of in the same breath as The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding...I could go on and on but today I got a glimpse of the guy who, when I was 11 years old, inspired me. I was "busted" in music class for doing an impression of Elvis, while Hound Dog was playing, by the principal as she walked in on our music class. I remember I was scared enough getting up there in the first place. But the result of her action devastated me. I sat down, my hands shaking and my blood feeling like it was going to burst through the pores of my face. I felt bad for the music teacher too. Who was quietly, probably having her job put on the line. That's the way it was in the beginning. Thanks Elvis. You helped in giving me heart and soul and gave me the inspiration to keep on keepin' on!
Thanks Elvis...Thank You Very Much!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Mistress? Another Media Hack Job!

Why is the media referring to Amber Frey as a "mistress"? And I can't believe Court TV has taken to this. Amber Frey is innocent as one can be of being a "mistress". I consider this a derogatory reference to her in published and aired coverage of the Scott Peterson trial. How would YOU feel? You're introduced to a person by a friend. The friend assures you the person is single. The person you are now dating assures you they're single. You're having a wonderful, positive change in your life. A seemingly marvelous companion and possible step parent to your child. Then life throws you one of the strangest and most horrible truths into your new found bliss. You find your fortune has come in the manner of evil incarnate. You never date again but co-operate with forces to reveal this evil via the airwaves only. And testify to the injustice perpertrated on you in the courts of justice. Amber Frey did not knowingly convort about town with a married man and act as his "mistress"! I see no expensive gifts, trips abroad or being given a place to live by Scott Peterson! No clandestine trysts then sending him back to his wife 'til the moon doth rise again! She was being lied to, scammed, and was victimised! Amber Frey is being UNFAIRLY portrayed! I do hope the press and over air media opt out of this need to "tag" Amber Frey.
OK...If the media wish to report this way let them refer to every witness in every trial as "Snitch".
For example..."The victim of a brutal robbery, Snitch Joe Doe, testified today in the trial of alleged thief Buck Naked". How's that? Going to swipe at Amber Frey? Better be sure to swipe every witness in every court case from this day on Media!
You talking heads and writers and editors are becoming more damaging to this country as time goes on. Freedom of the press? Reveal an undercover agent's name and don't feel compelled to reveal the source of information? I believe that's treasonous! That reporter and the editor who let it print put lives in jeopardy! Some may have lost their lives. I know many did a few years ago. But that was a spy who revealed the names. What's the difference here? You wont want to report that though.
I remember Walter Cronkite apologising once, on air, for reporting a story before he actually had the facts when the report was quickly unsubstanstiated. Sounding off the fastest is the new credo of the media. Facts don't matter.
I expect to see "witness Amber Frey today....". I hope to see it. I pray the media comes to some epiphanies in the future as to their conduct.
Good Day And Good Evening To You All.

Things You Don't See

OK...I had an energy looking out for me last night on my way to work. I always keep in the right lane when driving. OK...I do have a bit of a led foot but I'm a great driver. I'm living proof, now, that you don't see things you don't expect to see. I pulled into the left hand lane to pass a car in front of me while heading north. Music rockin' and I'm cruising. Very alert. I linger in the left lane a bit until I see the car I passed in my mirror and I move back into the right lane. NOW...I was looking directly ahead as you usually do when driving OK? I saw nothing abnormal. I checked the mirror. Changed lanes (my window was down). I no sooner get in the right lane and I hear a WHOOOSH!! (Can ya hear that? Can you hear that thumping whooosh and rock of your car as another speeds by you?) and a slight rocking from my left. I look in the mirror and I couldn't believe there was a car that flew by me heading south in the northbound left lane!!! I was stunned. I was angry. I was blown away! It was my fortune that I wasn't one of these left lane huggers or today, at the speed that car was going, I'de be spread out like the scarecrow all over the place!
Have a good day all...And if ya can? keep to the right when driving.

Friday, August 13, 2004

What's This?

Kregers Is Leaving?? Kregers!...You can't do this to us! What's gonna happen to "A-Sexual Guy"? I've told people many times that you have the ..what's the word for this..uuummmm...The savoufaire! The comedic talent, characters, the great 60s San Francisco opening theme music...girls. Kregers you have the greatest women on the planet falling to get on your show!
And who else has the coolest dudes on? ...Who? No one other than you Kregers! Where else are we going to be able to see Jeff Goldblum?..Huh?..Answer that! And where are we going to be able to plop in a living room like yours in the scary nightime? These other guys (we know who they are) can't keep up the intensity of their shows for 30 years!.. Kregers?...You CAN! Where am I gonna get my news from Kregers? And those "Just In" reports that are so important and vital to the galaxy of my mind?! Kregers?...You're the person I've been touting as The Future of Late Night television! I've shown people how you will be able to sustain a 30 year run, unlike we know who they are! The real heir to Johnny Carson! ...YOU!
You say you want to write? What's that all about?!...Write when you're taking a dump! Or, while tooling up the Santa Ana Freeway record your prose and insights and most original concepts and THEN write them when taking a dump! I'm dyin' over here Kregers! Meet my leeetle friend...Oh wait...that's a movie...Kregers? Are ya pissed off yet coz I keep saying Kregers? AND spelling it wrong!
Mr. Craig Kilborn...Please Reconsider! I'm PLEADING to you! They say Howdy Doody is going to take your place? That's death kregers!...You want to kill us all?!! He may write but man I cringe when the writer is actually verbalizing in front of my eyes! OOOOooooo...I hate to think of it!
Mr. Kilborn? Take a step forward and think just one more time? God Bless Ya Man! And thank you for all of it!
Bill Bramble
PS: IF you do decide (I'm beggin' here Kregers) to stay on...Please stop bringing on those jumping up & down bands yelling or whining into the mike. I know the real music guys and gals are older. But their music is as young as ever. And I KNOW there's a few nebulae of young guys and gals out there playing music we can listen , feel, rock and roll and cry to!
I can hear "A-Sexual Icon" now...(disturbed, saddened)"I'm...I'm...I'm..."sniff'...What the hell AM I?"